Publication date November 11, 2022

Taylor Swift's historical record is the sign Kanye West should zip it

Kanye West isn’t exactly Taylor Swift’s biggest fan, ok that might just be the understatement of the decade. Taylor Swift and Kanye West have had a decade-long feud and it was never hidden from the public. But is it time for Kanye to finally zip it? Well, I think so at least in the wake of Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Midnights. But when did this feud start and how did it stay alive for this long?

Kanye west and Taylor Swift feud


It all started back in the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where Taylor Swift received the moon man for Best Female Video for “You Belong with Me”. Taylor Swift took the stage to receive her award and as she was giving her acceptance speech Kanye West took the stage and interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech to say “Yo, Taylor, I’m happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!” I don’t know if that was rude, insensitive or straight up rude of Kanye West to do that. These infamous lines marked the decade-long feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. 

Right after the incident, Kanye acknowledged that what he did was wrong and called Taylor Swift and apologized for his actions. But as we all know it was not the end of their feud but for that moment Taylor Swift did forgive Kanye West. The following year at MTV VMAs Taylor Swift performed “Innocent” and all the fans speculated maybe the song was about a particular rapper who ran his mouth in between Swift’s acceptance speech. Are these just speculations or was Taylor Swift’s “Innocent” meant for Kanye West? I guess Taylor is the only one who knows.

In June 2013 Kanye West riled things up again when he publicly took his apology back. In an interview with the New York Times Kanye told “I don’t have any regret,” “I have, as a human being, fallen to peer pressure.” Even after Kanye took back his apology there was news of Taylor Swift and Kanye West being friends. And these were not just rumors, Taylor Swift herself told the media about their friendship. And that very year (2015) Taylor Swift presented Kanye West with MTV’s Video Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs. And Kanye sent Taylor flowers after she presented him with the award. Taylor even took to Instagram to post a picture of her with the flowers with #BFFs. 

You must be thinking where is the feud at, Yeah I was asking myself the same question when I was doing my research, and then I found out that West dropped “Famous” in 2016 which had a nasty dig at Taylor Swift. The fans did not like that at all and Kanye faced a lot of backlashes. Then he took to Twitter and said he took permission from Taylor Swift for the lines. It was not long before Taylor Swift’s friends jumped in for her defense. Jaime King, Karlie Kloss, and Gigi Hadid were some of the few that took to social media and addressed Kanye West’s controversial lyrics about Taylor Swift. Even Taylor Swift took digs at Kanye West during her acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards. 

But that was not all she wrote, Kanye West’s then-wife Kim Kardashian came to Kanye’s rescue and told GQ that Taylor Swift knew the lyrics. But Taylor Swift’s spokesperson released a statement saying Kim Kardashian’s statement is incorrect and she might have been pressured to say what she said. The situation was a lot like he said, she said as there was no concrete evidence. But Kanye loves stirring up the pot and released the music video for “Famous”. The music video made a lot of buzzes and was not the right kind, mainly because the video had a naked sculpture of Taylor Swift. 

Things were getting nastier between Taylor and Kanye, but who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to provide video proof of the call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. In the video, Taylor was heard thanking Kanye for the “heads up”. But Taylor Swift fired back saying she was not made aware of the actual lyrics of the song. You would have guessed by now things did not cool off and went on for months to come. But now I think the time has come for Kanye West to finally zip it. Taylor Swift has rocked the scene with her historical album “Midnights” and I don’t think any trash talk against Taylor would be appreciated by her fans. Moreover, he doesn’t have Kim Kardashian by his side to protect him anymore.

So what do you think about Kanye and Taylor Swift’s decade-long feud, comment down below?

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