Publication date July 6, 2022

Ten Most Shocking and Horrendous 4th of July Catastrophes

The July 4th holiday is a time for celebration, which means many American families will enjoy a wonderful, extended weekend. However, this also means it's time when people tend to let their guard down. It can be when you are together with your family to enjoy a BBQ, go swimming, and let off fireworks. But it is also a time when most accidents happen you'd be surprised to know how many. 

These are some of the major and shocking common accidents that often occur during our nation’s birthday.

The Boat Accident

In 2013, 18 boats fell victim to fireworks near the sky launch marina in lake union during the 4th July celebrations. Authorities in Seattle reported that illegal pyrotechnics triggered a large fire that caused $1.5 million in damages. And reports also state that these fireworks were shot off from a hill not too far away. Within seven minutes, fourteen boats were destroyed by the fire. The only upside to this incident was nobody was killed or seriously injured during the accident. 

The Sparkler Accident

4th of july accidents

Source: The Atlantic

Sometimes it takes only a small spark to make a big Boom! A small group of people in Ohio discovered this the hard way. When 20 individuals partied inside a house, and a group of kids was playing outside sparklers a spark from the sparklers landed inside a bag of explosives, and a recipe for tragedy was ignited. Although the fire was put off, it resulted in injuring a total of 7 people, 5 of whom were kids. 

The Irony of Devon Staples

Devon Staples, the actor who portrayed Gaston in beauty and the beast dies from a fireworks accident during a 4th of July, 2015 celebrations. The 22-year-old actor plays around by placing a reloadable fireworks motor tube on his head, which instantly kills him. 

Fireworks claims Construction worker's fists

In another freak accident on 4th July 2014 - Alazar Ortiz attempted to burst firecrackers in his mother's driveway. When one of the firecrackers unexpectedly bursts, he ended up losing several of his fingers in the left hand, and the doctors had to amputate his entire right hand. 

The Central Park Explosives 

Firecrackers claim another victim during the 4th of July weekend in 2016 when a college student was climbing down a rock and stepped on a homemade shock-sensitive explosive in Central Park. As misfortune would have it, the explosive detonated due to the impact leaving serious damage to the student. 

Another Boat Accident

After the Miami Fireworks show wrapped up, tragedy struck again. Only this time it wasn't just boats, but lives too. Three boats collided in a catastrophic crash at the Dinner Key Marina claiming many lives. 

Fireworks Fail

4th of july fireworks

Source: Mimeo Photos

Simi Valley California witnessed tragedy when a 2013, 4th of July firework show turned into a war zone. A pyrotechnic shell went off in its motor tube causing a chain reaction that sent fireworks blasting towards an audience of thousands. This incident left dozens injured, although fortunately no one was killed.

The Parade Incident

The Liberty fest 4th of July Parade was rained upon in the worst possible way. During the Parade on a busy street in Edmund Oklahoma Quinton Hooper drove a float with Karate kids and his 8-year-old son. During the show, his son fell off the float and was run-over by it. Although the child was given CPR, he did not survive.

The Road Accident

Just when we thought the water is not the safest place to be on the 4th of July, the roads aren't any safer. Gustav Dyer, when speeding down in his pickup truck on a slippery road crashed into another Nissan car. The car had 4 adults and an 11-month-old boy inside. While the accident claimed the mother and her baby survived.


4th of july decapitation

Source: Philly Voice

According to eye witnesses, 41-year-old Jesse William Burly walked into the middle of the road to burst the 4th of July firecrackers. He set off one second and the next second BOOM! Burly was beheaded. 

There are numerous ways to celebrate the Fourth of July; however, be cautious and avoid the hospital at all costs. Whether it was a fireworks mishap that injured a 2-year-old, a boat tragedy that killed four, or a tourist who lost his foot after accidently stepping on a rocket in Central Park, these are some of the worst things that have ever occurred on July Fourth. 

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