Publication date November 15, 2023

The Finest Nail Colors for Every Skin Tone

Nail colors come in the fashion and beauty context that are moving at a faster rate than ever before nowadays. If you want to keep up with the latest trends, then you need to stay ahead of the next wave.

As we know time is moving forward at a high speed, and we must adapt ourselves with time. Hence, I have mentioned five nail shades that are my favourite and I use them often to keep up with the current trends.

There are several colors for fingernails that are in trend today. I am going to help you find the best nail color for your fingers as per your skin tone. Let’s head on to discuss more on this concept. 

Top 5 Trending Nail Colors That Suit All Skin Tones

There are numerous current nail color trends to suit all skin tones. However, I have mentioned the best 5 of them that are most popular in today’s era and are my favourite. 

Let’s learn about these colors that are to be used on your fingernails. All these trending colors for nails are mentioned below:

1. Lapis

Lapis is an “Oh Wow” type of color that will enhance your finger nail colors and your beauty. Do you know the lapis lazuli gem from ancient times? Well, if you know then it's good but if you don’t then worry not, let me help you with this.

Lapis nail colour

Source: LadyFromATramp

So, lapis lazuli is a striking semi-precious stone that transfuses the art of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. This is a stand-alone hue that is wearable as well and is considered a piece of fine jewellery for your nails. 

However, my personal favourite in this shade is:

  • Ultramarine Cobalt Blue by Cirque Colors.
  • Blue by Venalisa Gel Nail Polish.
  • Butler Please by Essie.

2. Ochres

As the late 90s and early 20s blend into fashion, the era of supermodels is making its way back into the world of beauty and fashion where the different types of nail shapes are grouped with the newest amazing trending nail colors. 

Ochres nail colour

Source: Etsy

This earth-tone revival of warm coffees, pecans, and mahoganies is one of the most preferred and accepted colors in the market today. 

Some of my favourite and personally selected supermodel-inspired picks are as follows:

  • The vampy mauve Squeaker of the House by O.P.I.
  • An affluent chocolatey shade like Zoya’s Emilia.
  • An in-depth taupe such as Thunder Road by Deborah Lippman.

3. Camo

Ironically, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you must blend with Camo in this coming season. Camo colors such as olive, army green, and forest are some of the major nail paint brands that produce the latest color formulations in the upcoming year.

Camo nail colour

Source: Pinterest

Your nail artist and you can group together in order to produce the classic dress for the army. There are some of my favourites in uniform that I have mentioned below:

  • The deep color of the canopy by Clou Beaute Felpolish is known as (fittingly) Army Green.
  • Camo Luxe is an amazing olive-grey that has a sparkle finish by Bobbi Brown.
  • High Voltage Warm Onyx Green by Essie.

4. Holographic

When I was deciding the nail colors for my fingernails, I was hell confused. Hence I feel that all of my readers like you can’t decide on just one shade to wear, so I want to ask why not wear them all?

Holographic nail colour

Source: ILoveMyPolish

Well, holographic nails are another beautiful blend-in nail colors that are in trend currently. We all have seen hologram manicures all around the spectrum, isn’t it? 

Those stormy opalescent hues with the help of which we recognize our Lisa Frank Binders in middle schools and multi-dimensional delicate pinks reminiscent of Barbie or Lolita.

5. Neon Pumpkin

As we know the New Year is on the way and we must take understate autumnal shades such as tawny maples, canary yellows, and dusky scarlets up a cleft.

Neon Pumpkin nail colour

Source: Pinterest

I always tried traditional pumpkin-spice-and-everything-nice shades but over time I came to the conclusion that why shouldn’t I try the neon version in this shade? 

Trust me this shade is super cute and best. They may look intimidating from the outset but the highlighter gel hues make them the best and most preferred shade for everyone.

I can bet that you will love it just as I did as they have a daring look that spice up any outfit and your nail will look the best of all the shades that you tried once.

A Quick Review

With that said, I hope I was able to make everything clear regarding which nail colors and shades will be the best for you. You can choose any of them as per your skin tone.

Lapis, Ochres, Camo, Holographic, and Neon Pumpkin are personally my favourites and hence, I suggested you join me in this and try these super bombastic current nail color trends.

The top 5 finger nail colors that I explained above are the best shades that set the trend in the current world. Hence, make sure to try these nail shades in order to stand out.

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