Publication date October 17, 2022

The Only Good Thing in the Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix Show

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Monster, is a hit limited series on Netflix, that tells the story of Glenda Cleveland, Dahmer's neighbor and one of the few good people in the horrible real-life Jeffrey Dahmer case. Cleveland tried to stop the serial killer many times by calling the police to report his strange behavior.

But despite her many warnings, Cleveland's calls to the police were always ignored, so Dahmer could keep killing people.

Glenda Cleaveland

Source: Radio Times

The limited series shows a fictionalized version of how notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer lured his victims back to his home so he could kill them brutally. Conversations With a Killer, a new three-part docuseries, just came out. It shows tapes of Dahmer and his defense team that has never been heard before. It's not clear if Cleveland's messages will be a part of the new docuseries, but the show makes it sound like her calls from the time are still around.

The 10-part fictionalized series explains how Dahmer did most of his crimes. It also tells Cleveland's story, including how she tried to warn the police about the serial killer and what she did in the community after Dahmer was caught.

But who exactly is Glenda Cleveland? Where is she now? What you need to know is listed below.

Who exactly is Glenda Cleveland?

According to sources, Glenda Cleveland lived in the building next to Dahmer's apartment. She was one of nine kids who grew up on a farm in Mississippi. Her parents taught her how important it is, to be honest, and help others when they need it. Sources say that she worked as a data entry clerk until her job was cut.

Even though she didn't live right next to Dahmer, Cleveland did notice that the killer was acting strangely and told the police about it more than once. But more about that in a minute.

How did she try to get Dahmer to stop?

Sources say that Cleveland called the police many times about Dahmer. She called the police on May 27, 1991, after her daughter Sandra Smith and her niece Nicole Childress found a bleeding, naked, and confused boy on the street. The boy had been running away from Dahmer.

Dahmer told police that the boy was his 19-year-old boyfriend and that he was drunk. The boy turned out to be Konerak Sinthasomphone, who was killed by Dahmer. The entire episode was dismissed as a flight between ‘two gay people”

According to sources, Dahmer was convicted of second-degree assault in 1989 for molesting Sinthasomphone's older brother in 1988. Then, he worked for a year at a work release camp, got five years of probation, and was freed in 1990.

In the second episode of Monster, when Cleveland calls the police, it looks like the real audio from the 911 call to the Milwaukee police department plays. In 2009, Cleveland's niece, Childress, wrote a book called "Divine Providence: Finding Purpose in the in Between." In it, she talked about the incident, saying that Sinthasomphone was "butt naked" and that she could "tell the officers were against (her)," while Dahmer told them she was "crazy."

Sources say that five of Dahmer's murders happened after Cleveland tried to tell the police. After Dahmer was caught, Cleveland told reporters that all she wanted was for things to "go back to normal."

What happened to Glenda Cleveland?

In 1991, Cleveland talked about the meeting in a TV interview: “He was let down as low as he could get. And that was to his grave. You can’t get much lower than that.”

Even though Dahmer did terrible things in her neighborhood, Cleveland stayed in her 25th Street apartment until 2009. Her brother would even tease her by asking, "Why don't you move out of that house on the haunted hill?" She would tell him, "I'm not going anywhere," according to sources.

She apparently moved to a new apartment just a few blocks away, where she lived for two years. When her job in data entry was cut, she helped raise her daughter's nine kids. 

Sources state that Cleveland died in the year 2011. Cleveland's body was found by police in Milwaukee after her worried neighbors told them they hadn't seen her in a few days.

Sources say that Cleveland died in her home because she had heart disease and high blood pressure. 

Before she died, the Common Council and the County Board gave her awards, and Mayor John Norquist called her a "model citizen." She got many awards from local women's groups, and sources also state that the Milwaukee Police Department also gave her an award.

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