Publication date May 6, 2022

The reason why Autumn’s foot was bandaged in Season 11 of Masterchef USA

Season 11 of Masterchef brought in an immense amount of viewership for the show thanks to Autumn Moretti.  Autumn Moretti, a Boston native, was one of the final eight chefs competing for the top prize.

Autumn began her career as a bartender before joining the show, where she was demonstrating her culinary skills — and doing so admirably. Outside of the program, she uses Instagram to share her passion for video games (she's a great Pokémon lover).

Autumn was shown strolling around the kitchen with a cast on her foot in one of the last episodes of the show. How did she break her foot and what happened to it? The topic was not discussed on the show, but here's what we know.

Autumn's foot in Season 11 of Masterchef USA

Source: The U.S. Sun

Autumn's foot, what happened to it? She seemed to have broken it off the screen.

Autumn arrived in the next episode with a cast on her foot after breaking her foot between Episodes 10 and 11. Many viewers have wondered what happened to her since it did not occur while filming.

Season 11 was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and production was briefly halted for seven months. The candidates went home to quarantine with their families during this time and returned when it was safe to do so.

Autumn fractured her foot while playing around with her sisters, according to some eagle-eyed Reddit fans who followed Autumn's social media throughout the outbreak.

The Reddit user added that they found a picture from when they were youngsters where they all stacked upon each other's back. Autumn was at the bottom, the last sister leaped to her feet, they all collapsed, and her foot was broken in a million places. It's an absolutely hilarious video. Her [Instagram] stories were full of it.

So her fractured foot wasn't caused by a cooking mishap, and you don't have to lose your sleep anymore.

Autumn's Accents

There is no doubt that Autumn was one of the most widely followed contestants of Season 11 of Masterchef. And some fans were quick to notice when something was up with her accent. Autumn's Boston accent has vanished. Some speculate that she lied about her accent on the show.

As Autumn has gone through the season, some have remarked that her previously noticeable Boston accent has faded, and some have questioned whether it was genuine from the start.

According to some fans, her Boston accent was really strong in early episodes and it had almost vanished in the later episodes, and she has had plenty of screen time to notice. Was it 'faked' at the start, or was she instructed to drop it?

While we're not sure if faking a Boston accent would have helped or damaged Autumn's prospects, many other users pointed out that it's simple to lose an accent once you've moved away from home.

Others pointed out that there was a seven-month hiatus in filming between Episodes 10 and 11 of this season. The show's production was temporarily halted because due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which could explain the shift in her accent.

What was your favorite Autumn moment from Masterchef Season 11? Let us know.

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