Publication date December 17, 2021

The secret behind Minecraft’s Trillion Views on YouTube

It’s hard to grasp the gravity of the humongous number that is ‘Trillion’. Picture this - if you stack a trillion dollar bills in a column, it’ll scale up to 67,866 miles, meaning it’ll comfortably reach space. That’s probably why it’s hard to grasp its gravity! (Pun intended)

Secret behind minecraft's trillion views in youtube

Source: YouTube

It goes without saying that Minecraft is unarguably one of the most successful video games of all time. The game that started off with players dodging attacks from cactus-shaped creatures, gradually grew into a creative space for the community to create and build their own world, stream it, and accumulate a trillions views – sounds unrealistic, but that’s exactly what happened. 

On Wednesday, 15th December 2021, the tech giant, YouTube, in collaboration with the gaming giant and developer of Minecraft, Mojang Studios, released a video to celebrate the unimaginable milestone ­– from Minecraft giving us all a sneak peek at impressive analytics over the years to YouTube blasting emails to almost all its users in turn making it the number #1 trending video on the platform, they’re going all in.

The secret recipe to the humongous achievement?Storytelling! 

Minecraft’s chief storyteller Lydia Winters is of the opinion that Minecraft is the community’s escape to create their own little universe and tell their stories. And that the Minecraft team respects the millions of ways their community wants to express different emotions, design certain characters, and formulate scenarios. And the reason it was such a hit on YouTube is because the tech giant in its essence, is a place where half the people tell stories, and the other half like to listen and resonate with those stories. 

On a live stream, Mojang Studios also revealed that the Minecraft community is growing in creativity and scale with around 141 million active users in August 2021. At around the same time, Minecraft also had the crown of being the most-viewed topic with all it videos summing up to 201 billion views by the end of 2020. 

Minecraft brags a total of 35,000 YouTube creators spread across 150 countries, contributing majorly to its status of being the most-watched topic over the years. So, we have broken down how YouTube and Minecraft are collectively celebrating this milestone that everyone’s talking about:

  • Minecraft taking over YouTube: For the next 24 hours, YouTube page will be covered with Minecraft reminiscent creatives like a new logo as an ode to the Minecraft creators who made this possible in the first place.
  • Playlists and Community Parties: YouTube is curating a playlist of the Minecraft content that highlights the fan-favorites videos over the years. Along with curating, they’re also creating a whole new animated video replicating the creators. Also, the creators are taking over the official YouTube Instagram account for a day. Wow, what a day to wake up as a Minecraft YouTube creator.
  • Minecraft Trends: The celebrations extend well over the social media channels with the YouTube Culture and Trends website hosting a dedicated landing page for Minecraft metrics and statistics that depict the contribution of different creators, videos and topic trends. 
  • YouTube Creator Skin Pack: The YouTube Creator Skin Pack consists of different skins, characters and items inspired by the biggest YouTube creators.

So, that’s a small recap on the cause, effect, and consequence of one million million views. Yes, a million million is a trillion. Not only is this long-running legendary game one of the best experiences on Xbox, it’s also a lot of fun to just watch people get creative with Minecraft. So, congratulations YouTube and Minecraft, for making our childhood, adolescence and now adulthood a little less boring every day. 

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