Publication date May 5, 2023

These 5 Met Gala 2023 outfits will really make you question yourself!

Met Gala has always been an event to look out for if you are into fashion. Met Gala is where the biggest fashionistas of the world go bold with their not-so-traditional gowns, eye-popping colors, over-the-top accessories, and clashing patterns. But if you are anything like me you want to see the most bizarre, funny outfits that are straight up ‘out there’. And Met Gala 2023 did not disappoint at all.

This year’s A-lister-packed ball was hosted by none other than Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The ball was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Met Gala might just be the most talked about event of the year and rightfully so. Like always, the Met gala took place on the first Monday of May and celebrities flocked to the red carpet to show off their outfits.

But when you want to look the most unique sometimes you end up looking the most bizarre. And this year there was no shortage of celebrities who went on the red carpet looking the weirdest but who are the top 5. Don’t worry we have you covered with the top 5 worst outfits of Met Gala 2023.

Why Janelle!

Met Gala 2023 worst outfits

Source: People

We just have to start the worst outfit lineup with the Glass Onion star Janelle Monae, why? Because she opted for an outfit that some might not even consider an outfit. Yes, the actress and the singer opted for a weird near-naked look for the red carpet. I do have to admire her one thing though it sure took a lot of guts to choose the outfit but then again guts are the one common thing between all five celebrities. 

Not the Silver Surfer

Next up on our list of worst-dressed celebrities in Met Gala 2023 is Lil Nas X. The 24-year-old-rapper walked on the red carpet bedazzled with silver body paint, silver sparkles, ankle boots, and underwear. By now you must be feeling like this is not a list of worst-dressed celebrities rather it is a list of barely-dressed celebrities but don’t worry we have a few more celebrities on the list who might change that. But coming back to Lil Nas X the rapper surely didn’t leave much to imagination with his “outfit”.  

The headgear?

Worst Met gala 2023 outfits

Source: Allure

The 27-year-old English actress Florence Pugh is next up on our list. Before going forward I would like to clarify one thing, she might be one of the better-dressed celebrities on the list but her choice of headgear landed her on the list. She rocked a huge feather headpiece which in my opinion might have been avoided. 

The rise of the “MEOW”

Worst Met gala outfits

Source: Billboard

Doja Cat really transformed herself for the red carpet. Yeah, I’m not exaggerating she really did transform into a cat to attend the Met Gala 2023. The 27-year-old-rapper dawned a silver dress with feathers at the bottom but what completed her transformation was the prosthetics around her nose and the heavy eyeliner that helped her nail the feline look. 

Return of the “MEOW”

Jared Leto Met Gala 2023

Source: British GQ

Now coming back to the gutsiest celebrity to walk the Met Gala 2023 red carpet. It’s none other than Jared Leto. The Hollywood A-lister decided to dress up in a furry cat suit and walked up onto the red carpet. He later took the headpiece off and posed for the cameras. While talking to ET he said he wanted to pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld by dressing up as a cat but it surely was a bold decision.

Which is your favorite worst outfit of Met Gala 20213, comment down below.

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