Publication date July 25, 2022

Top 5 epic marketing moments between McDonald's and Burger King for which the team deserves a raise

Today I bring you the world’s most drool-worthy feud. An age-long feud where every burger lover like me emerged victorious. Yes, it’s the battle between the clown and the king. Burger King and McDonald’s entered the market around the same time in 1954 and 1955 respectively. And the timeline might be the one thing that has given rise to such competitiveness. I mean both of the fast food behemoths have their own distinct identity but being from the same sector has kept this rivalry going. 

Over almost six decades McDonald’s and Burger King have taken digs at each other with many tasteful and some not-so-tasteful ad campaigns. But for us, this feud has been very entertaining, to say the least. So grab a tub of popcorn while we look back at some of the crazy marketing gimmicks McDonald’s and Burger King threw at each other in this long-running feud for fast food supremacy.

How far would you go?

McDonald's vs Burger King epic marketing battle

Source: Marketing Birds

One of McDonald’s most iconic campaigns is where we can see Ronald bragging about having more than 1000 McDrives. Well, Roland didn’t come on the screen bragging of course but his approach was a bit subtle. McDonald’s put up a sign saying McDonald’s is just 5 km away. How could this sign be a jab at Burger King? 

To understand that you need to know the narrative of this extremely thought-out ad. It’s all about a traveling couple who stumble upon two signs. While the first one says McDonald’s is just 5 km away the second one takes a jab at Burger King and says it’s 258 km away. And obviously, the couple heads towards Ronald’s Establishment for a bite. 

But Burger King did not let it slide and came back with an ad of their own. Where they had a traveling couple go to McDonald’s for a large coffee because they had to travel 253 km more for their whopper. Burger King has always maintained the narrative that their burgers are superior in taste, and this ad followed the same narrative as well. But the Burger King ad in my mind is a legendary one because of one simple text. The ad had a text in the ad saying “ Thank you McDonald’s for being everywhere”. And that just blew me away. 

Burn of the season!

Burger King the gift of fire to McDonald's

Source: Bizcommunity

The holiday season is just magical. It’s all about spreading joy and giving. And in the holiday season of 2017 Burger Kings across the world decided to gift their biggest competitor. Full of festive spirit Burger King mascots visited McDonald’s outlets with a gift of fire! Gas braais so Ronald McDonald can flame grill their Big Macs as everyone deserves to know the taste of a flame-grilled burger. Burger King surely made that season the season of burns for McDonald’s.


Who doesn’t love a good Halloween prank, I sure do! And one fine Halloween Burger King pulled a great prank on McD. One Halloween night one of the BK outlets dressed up as a ghost by covering the entire building in a white blanket and on the side “McDonald’s” was spray painted. But to the cherry on this publicity stunt, BK had a sign saying “BOOOOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween!” The outlet even went on to serve flame-grilled burgers in containers that said “McDonald’s”. But the clown responded immediately saying “ Who wouldn't want to masquerade as McDonald's for Halloween when we are serving up treats like McCafe beverages, apple pies, and our world-famous fries”. Ouch! 

Ronald switched sides!

Ronald McDonald spotted in a burger king

Source: 9GAG

Burger King and McDonald’s have exchanged blows for decades now. But over the years some ads just stood out. One such Burger King ad hails from Germany. And Ronald was caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. Or that’s what Burger King wants us to think. Whatever it may be it was one of the funniest ads in this battle of Burgerville. The features a Burger King which Ronald frequents for his favorite Big King. Well, we don’t know how much truth is there in this ad but it surely was one funny ad to watch. 

The mutual roast

Burger King and McDonal's roast each other

Source: Eat My News

In this era of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter both the fast food giants are very active on their social media platforms. And both the parties don’t leave any chance to roast each other. And it’s not just online both the parties are equally brutal offline. I still can’t forget a picture I saw online where McDonald’s put up a sign saying “Served by a king or served as a king?” and right beside the sign Burger King put up a sign saying “Why to try to roast when you can’t even flame grill?” And I’m not even gonna mention the plethora of hilarious tweets they shoot against each other. So if you are not following them on their social media channels, then do it right now!

So who’s your favorite in the “Burger wars” comment down below!

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