Publication date February 7, 2022

Top 5 freakishly dangerous restaurants that'll do a number on you

How far will you go for the love of food? Are you willing to risk plunging to your death en route to a teahouse in China situated in a steep mountain? How about munching on a taco in a haunted mental asylum amidst fleshy limbs and guts? 

Not only are the restaurants in this list extremely dangerous of a place just for a quick bite, but the themes are extraordinarily bizarre. However, it does not stop thousands of adventure-seekers from flocking to these restaurants every year. Let’s pay a quick visit to these in the safety of our living room couch, shall we?

Mt. Huashan Tea House

Mt. Huashan Tea House

Source: Gigazine

This tea house is situated 7087 feet above sea level on Mt. Hua in the city of Huayin in Shaanxi province. You’ll need to hike through a deadly trail to get hold of this tea. Seriously, how good can the tea really be? You’ll first have to take an unsteady tram ride, and that’s just the beginning of it. Next, you’re up for what can only be described as flashing in front of your eyes – you’ll have to walk on a plank that is more unstable than your decision-making skills when you chose to go down this journey and get this – it's unharnessed and hanging a mile up in the sky. Then you’ll have to climb a set of the really steep staircases to the top of the 7,000-foot-high mountain and that’s how you can finally savor your precious little cup of tea. How to head back? Well, unless you can blow thousands of dollars on a helicopter, it’s a close call with death throughout the journey.

Unsicht-Bar in Germany

Give your eyes a break from all the awful things they’re exposed to in the world. You can place your order in a lit lobby in this restaurant before setting foot into a pitch-dark dining area. You will not be able to see a thing, but your food will be placed in a clockwise direction, so you know what you’re putting in your mouth. The waiters here are visually compromised and handicapped to keep it real – the concept here is to enhance the other senses like the one of smell and taste to truly enjoy the delicacy.

 Good luck when there’s a fly in one of your soups! 

Alcatraz ER in Tokyo

How would you like to dine in a place dreaded the most? Or what comes to your mind when you think of prison? Crappy food and rude staff, right? Well, Tokyo’s Alcatraz ER is redefining what prison food tastes like with an outlandish restaurant theme. You make your grand entrance by getting slapped with a handcuff (not the kinky one) by a nurse (not the nice one) and will be taken to your prison cell which is your dinner table. You’ll find everything from false teeth to detached penis in your otherwise yummy food, but can you gulp it down despite what it looks like is the real challenge.

Dinner in the Sky in Belgium

Ever wondered what it must be like to savor your favorite food on an Aladdin magic carpet? You can now stop wondering and start experiencing in a restaurant in Belgium that raises the dinner table with an aerial set accommodating 22 seats to a 180 feet height in the air. The setup offers a breathtaking (which can be literally if the harness gives up) 360-degree view of the landscape around them. The package starts with an hour of pure bliss (with risks) and a photographer to capture the exciting moment.

Also, there’s no bathroom up there so you might wanna take care of your business before you go up and ruin other’s aerial trip into ratatouille world.

Yellow Treehouse in New Zealand

The restaurant is built around a tree in the middle of a forest, at an arguable dangerous height. The pod structured diner is surely a dream destination for adventure-seekers and looks quite mesmerizing as well. You can head in with the help of an ascending pathway which is completely safe, however, the way back is one big trust leap placed at the hands of a stranger who created the pod-like restaurant. Yes, a ring holds the holding structure close to the tree and the diners get off as the pod drops to the ground at an uncomfortable speed, especially if you’ve just had a tummy full of cheese pasta. 

So, that’s a wrap on some of the most dangerous or at least risky restaurants across the world. Which one of these would you like to explore first?

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