Publication date October 29, 2021

TOP 9 upcoming simulation games to watch out for in 2021


There’s a life simulation game for just about everything. You might be too lazy to walk to your backyard and pick up the mop, but you can mow your lawn squeaky clean in a simulation game. Or you might bruise like a peach in real life, but you will surely fight off an extinct dinosaur to thrive in Jurassic Park, thanks to our beloved life simulation games online. 

With that painful reality check, let’s dive into the top 10 simulation games on PC coming out in 2021 and 2022.

My Summer Car

Channel your inner mechanic in this game and fix worn-out sports cars from the 90s, not to forget, during the beautiful summers. In the beginning, you have access to a tractor and a truck to transport the hardware you might need. It gets quite sticky when you got to assemble and install the parts with laser focus. Selection of the right handy tools and integration of the engine is quite pivotal in the gameplay, just like in real life as well.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a unique space simulator created by Cloud Imperium Games in collaboration with Chris Roberts. The plot of the game is set way ahead in the 30th century, you should’ve known it’s futuristic – it’s a space simulator after all. Humans are on a mission to colonize the universe, and it’s not all roses and unicorns… but thorns and aliens instead. You get to boats your pilot skills and attain the ultimate fame and status of being one of the first intergalactic inhabitants – potentially starting a new planet. 

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

As the name suggests, you get to create a variety of potions and get to truly appreciate the art of an alchemist and unravel his secrets. If you’re as smart as Hermione in Horace Slughorn’s Potions classes, this is the game for you. This indie simulator is a role-playing game with a strategic gameplay plot. 

SimRail 2021

Car – done and dusted, bus – done, planes – oh, yes! It’s now time for a Railway simulator where you get to drive the train, but let’s be honest there’s not a lot of traffic there. So in Railway Simulator, you also get to be the signaller along with the driver. You can choose to play alone or play with friends in this multiplayer simulation game. The game was developed by the Polish SimRail studio and released by PlayWay.


If you enjoyed the movie Interstellar and envied the life of our Cooper who ages better than wine, then this is the game for you. It is science fiction where survival is the end goal – given the circumstances you’re in. You play astronaut exploring a new planet while ticking off an errand list assigned on earth. Basically, humans can’t even relax in space. Period!

Junkyard Simulator

I thought this was weird at first, but props for being unique. You basically assume the role of junkyard owner trying to stand on your own feet through hard work and grit. It’s actually quite fun strategizing and bringing up your business from scratch in the virtual world. This game was developed by Rebelia Game Developers from Poland.


If you’re a sucker for organized and boujee interiors, this is tailor-made for you. Hometopia is your happy haven where you build and develop houses and turn them into homes – cozy, warm, spunky, jazzy – your personality reflects in your design aesthetics. You can take over this sweet home project on your own or play with friends in the co-op mode of this life simulation game.


Another survival game, but this is much more closer to reality than floating off into space. The gravity of the situation is real, pun intended! Imagine you wake up one day and find yourself in the middle of nowhere, adrift on a raft in the ocean. You will be essentially scarping at the bottom of your resources to survive, craft tools, repair your raft, and stay afloat – all-white fighting off predators underwater.

Bum Simulator

Saved the best for the last! This game is an outlook of the world from the view of an outcast – you can tell the name also paves way for a parodical interpretation of a bum’s life, and the game has made the best of that with inappropriate, but nevertheless funny humor. 

The gameplay however has everything to do with surviving on the streets and proving you’re “street smart”.

Which game is the most relatable to you? Do you think these new simulation games have it in them to beat the OGs in the industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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