Publication date October 25, 2023

Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Box Braids

Have you heard about box braids? Oh, what even am I asking, obviously you would have heard about these popular types of hairstyles

But you might be clueless about how to do this in your hair. Isn’t it? Well, there are multiple box braids images with the help of which you can take help to do it in your hair.

But these images are not as useful as they may look as braid hairstyles for girls have a lot of effort to work on. So, without any further ado, let’s follow all the steps that are required for your hair to look stunning in no time.

1. Wash Your Hair

Just like a normal wash, make sure to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. In this case, the most crucial component is a conditioner. 

I must tell you that I have done this box braid in my hair. As per my personal experience, these medium box braids with curls are permanent and you need to make sure that your hair has a lot of moisture. 

Once your braids are in, you are able to wash them but still, you need to ensure that your hairs are getting a good wash.

2. Section Your Hair into Four Parts

This step is tricky because you need to section your hair into four parts. Make sure that your hair is in four straight squares and is evenly sectioned. 

But if your hair is sectioned into quarters, it will be much easier for you to conquer this hairstyle. After you section your hair into four parts, then with the help of clips make sure to hold the sections together.

3. Part Your Hair in the First Section of Your Hair

You will need a small amount of your hair or a pinch of hair where you will be able to succeed in the forthcoming step. Just as I did, you too ensure that you are taking all parts of your hair in the same size.

4. Braid or Plate Your Hair from the First Pinch

In this step, with the pinch of your hair that you took in the third step, cross the left section under the middle section. After this, make sure to put the right section under the middle section. Repeat the process again and again and this will result in braids.

5. Braid the Entire Section from the Top to the Bottom

Continue to braid the entire section from top to bottom and secure it with a rubber band. This will keep your brand intact and your hair will not come out.

6. Take Another Part from the First Section of Your Hair

Now it’s time to braid another part from the first section. Be careful and ensure that all your parts and sections are straight and even which need to look like tiny and individual boxes.

7. Move on to the Next Section

By the time you are done, you should have your full head of hair in tiny and individual box braids and repeat all the above-mentioned steps for the other sections of your hair as well.

8. Yay! You are Done

Each and every small part will result in braids. If you want the braids smaller, then make sure to make the section small as you continue to braid.

Not only this, but you can complete your hairstyle with short box braids with beads if you want to look stunning and glamorous. I am using beads in my hair right now. Trust me, it really looks amazing.

Box Braids

Source: Glamour

This process will take ample hours to complete. So, keep patience or you can look for a professional or your friend who can help you with this. 

Tips to Keep in Mind When Box Braiding Your Hairs

When I first made a box braid in my hair, I was tensed about losing a lot of my hair. But it's not actually true. With box braids, you won’t damage your hair only if you are not styling it too tightly. 

As a result, I have mentioned some of the most important tips that you need to remember and keep in mind when box braiding your hair. 

  • Firstly, never style your hair too tightly or else it will damage your hair.
  • Cover your hair with a silk scarf in order to keep your hairstyle extra tidy as you will braid.
  • Enjoy a style that looks perfect and nice without a rubber band on the ends of your hairstyle. 

Well, if you are thinking of learning how to box-braid your hair, then it is an excellent skill. If you have natural hair or you want to switch up your look and hairstyle, then this hairstyle is just for you. 

Box braid is the best style that can be achieved with both natural braiding and synthetic ones. I too took help from a professional when box braiding my hair who gave me a perfect look of medium box braids with curls. 

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you want to do your own braids or want to seek help from a professional or your friend, mastering this hairstyle will help you achieve a low-maintenance and stylish look.

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