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Unmatched Man vs Food challenges that left Adam Richman beaten!

Some men are born warriors and Adam Richman was no different. It was his destiny to fight towers of oysters, pounds of burgers, and wings with mouth-torching heat. He didn’t only take on impossible tasks but he completed those while being hilarious and with a spirit of a champion. But every Superman has their kryptonite. Adam Richman could hold his own amongst the best competitive eaters out there but even he had met his match more than a few times. So let us look back at those Man vs Food challenges that have bested Adam Richman himself.

Keep an eye on the clock!

Man vs Food crazy challenges

Source: Chompie's

In the heat of the competition, it is really easy to lose track of time. And for a seasoned veteran like Adam Richman, this is a very basic lesson “Keep an eye on the clock” But even seasoned champions make mistakes. And one such mistake in the sixth episode of season three cost Adam a challenge.

Our champ flew to Arizona to take Chompie’s Ultimate Jewish Challenge. Chompie’s Jewish sliders featured buns packed with lean brisket, mini potato pancakes, and jack cheese and served with a side of brown gravy for dipping the sliders. Sounds delish, doesn’t it but the challenge was Adam had to eat a dozen of these tasty sliders and a pound of fried onion strings. The whole serving weighed a total of five pounds. 

This was not a challenge for the weak-hearted and our hero dug down into the delicious heap of food. But before Adam could finish up the Jewish dozen he ran out of time. It was a sad day for all Man vs Food fans as he just had one slider left. Later Adam himself confirmed that he lost track of time, I mean we really can’t blame him either. Those sliders looked so delicious and it would have been hard for anyone to just eat those sliders without relishing them.

The “Meat Mountain”

Man vs Food crazy challenges


Right after the defeat in Chompie’s, Adam made his way to Puerto Rico to take on the Vaca Acostada “Sleeping cow” challenge. But Adam could not handle the “sleeping cow” and found his second straight loss. But what was this challenge? It was a 9-pounder mountain of steak, cheese, french fries, mushroom sauce with bacon, chorizo, and onions. I surely never would have taken that challenge. 

But our champion started the challenge with a lot of energy but it was not long before the meat hit him. The sheer amount of meat on Adam’s plate got him sweating and slowed down his speed. And when the timer ran out Adam was left with almost half of the fries and a few steaks. And for the second time in a row in Man vs Food, Food won!  

Adam vs The Sasquatch

No one can forget their first time. And for Adam, his first Man vs Food loss was served to him by the BigFoot Lodge of Memphis. The challenge was to finish off the BigFoot Lodge’s humongous Sasquatch burger. I am not a light eater but 7.5 pounder burger sent shivers through my chest. The Sasquatch burger had 4 pounds of freshly ground beef packed with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and cheese. 

Adam did start the challenge with promising speed and finished off half the burger very quickly. But the fight with The Sasquatch got only tougher from there. Our hero tried to gobble down the massive burger. But in the end, Adam had to throw in the towel with a quarter of the burger still left on the plate. And just like that Adam Richman saw his first Man vs food loss. 

They did WHAT!!!

Man vs Food fire in your hole challenge

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It is impossible to talk about Adam’s Man vs Food losses without talking about his most controversial loss. Adam Richman was no stranger to spicy food. He has only lost one other spice challenge named the Suicide Six Wing Challenge. But Adam retried the Suicide Six Wing Challenge and came on top the second time. But the Fire in Your Hole Challenge proved too much for him. But the situation smelled funky from the get-go. The employees of the Munchies 420 Cafe did not even reveal the challenge to Adam or the crew of the show before the shoot. 

After the cameras started rolling the challenge was revealed and it was 10 wings slathered in ghost pepper sauce. Now if you don’t know what a ghost pepper is, it is one of the hottest chilies in the world. Richman dug in but after only two wings he surrendered saying he might pass out! I still remember the episode and could not fathom the amount of pain he was in. But that was not the end of the story, the camera crew suspected foul play. And they were right, the employees rigged the challenge by using the entire bottle of Jet Black Ghost Chili Extract in the sauce which ensured Adam’s loss. 

Adam Richman’s “Mission Impossible”

Man vs Food crazy challenges

Source: Inside Edition

I have seen Adam take on many challenges. Like thousands of others, I have cheered for him in every challenge, well almost every challenge. There are some challenges that you know are just “impossible”. One such challenge that I still remember is the Ultimate Destroyer Challenge by Papa Bob’s Barbeque. To be honest, the challenge was simple enough, eat a 12-inch hoagie, but you might be thinking about what is so “impossible” about this challenge. Well, the 12-inch hoagie was stacked with half a pound of pulled pork, half a pound of hickory smoked sliced pork, two slices of bread, three half-pounder hamburgers, and another half-pound of smoked brisket, and half-pound of smoked sausages. Well, it is not the end yet, the whole thing is then doused with Papa Bob’s signature sauce and is served with dill pickles or jalapenos and one and a half pounds of fries.  

Adam needed to finish the whole thing within 45 minutes without any bathroom breaks. This meaty challenge seemed impossible from the get-go but Adam was not going down without a fight. The Man vs Food host managed to gobble down more than half of the meal before he ran out of time.

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