Publication date July 18, 2022

Virtual dating ideas that really helped my long-distance relationship

I would not say I am a certified long-distance relationship expert but the distance between us made sure we got creative. Today long distance relationships are becoming very common thanks to globalization. Many of us move to different cities or countries for higher studies or better job opportunities. And I know life can get hectic in a jiffy so having a loving and healthy relationship with your partner is very important. So let me share some ideas that have helped me spice up my long-distance relationship. These ideas will also help you with your friends and family or anyone with whom you might have been separated.

You can never go wrong with binge watching

Virtual date ideas for long-distance relationship

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We used to love cuddling up on the sofa and binge-watching our favorite shows. And I bet many of you love to do the same. Don’t let a few miles change that. Watching TV shows “with each other” and having movie dates have helped us in our long-distance relationship. 

We usually go about our movie nights with a call first. While we talk we set everything up. But usually, on our movie nights, the snacks get more attention. Yup! We always try to get snacks that would surprise one another. These small things add up to the excitement for us to take some time out of our busy schedule and make time for another movie night as soon as possible.

If not movie night then how about game night

Virtual dating ideas for long-distance relationship

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We love our game nights as well. We have tried many games but the one game that has got both of us hooked is The Ultimate Game for the Couples card set. Now, this is one of those “in-between” games that require a physical card set. But any couple can easily play it online over a zoom call, Facetime, or any other mode of video call. And only one of you may have the card set. When it's the other person’s turn just show the card through the camera and done!

This game has some deep and straight-up hilarious questions for your partner. But there are more than just question cards. You will find a few dare cards mixed with the question cards. But be warned some of the dares can be a little saucy. So if you are wondering what to do next weekend with your partner. Just get some snacks along with The Ultimate Game for Couples and enjoy your evening.

Go out for a walk

Virtual dating ideas for long-distance relationship

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Yup! Instead of taking the call from our couch or bed we love taking calls outside. We often go out for a walk while taking our call and trust me a change of scenery will boost your mood. Why not show your partner all the unique things in your neighborhood. A virtual walk in the park is a great way to mix things up in your long-distance relationship.

Order dinner for each other

Virtual date ideas for long-distance relationships

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You might have guessed by now, that we love food! And I love surprising my long-distance partner with her favorite dish from her favorite restaurant. But we have taken this a step further. Our virtual dates are usually us ordering food for each other. But the trick is to not tell your partner what you have ordered for them. Little surprises like these will help keep the spark alive.

Expand your horizon

If you want something to do with your partner which will add value to your time. Why don’t you guys take up learning a new language? Trying to learn something new with your partner can be a fun experience. And in today’s day and age learning, a new language is very easy online. Who knows, maybe on your next date you two can have a romantic conversation in a new language that you have learned together.

What do you think of these ideas, comment down below!

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