Publication date December 23, 2022

Want to plan the ultimate Christmas prank? Don't worry we got you covered

Christmas is all about happiness, joy, and spending quality time with your family. But Christmas doesn’t mean you cannot spice up your quality time with your family. How to spice up your task you ask? Why not pull a prank? Better pull an epic prank and make this more Christmas memorable. 

Can’t think of any good prank ideas don’t worry we have lined up some simple booby traps and pranks that will surely make this Christmas memorable for your family. Don’t be deceived by the word simple, these pranks will be a blast to pull off, but all the things you need to pull them off you can get at your local store. But before you jump into action with all your tools I want to share one very important message, execute these pranks at your own risk.

The party-popping present!

For our first prank, you will need 4 small party poppers. So for starters, you will need to remove the noise makers from each one. After you are done with the removal of the noise boxes, staple them onto the side of small gift boxes. Two things that you need to make sure of while setting up the noise boxes, first stick only one noise box per gift box, and second make sure you have the string sticking out. Once you have all 4 of them attached you need to join the strings together. Staple the strings to the top of a bigger box and make the box all pretty with gift wrappers and a bow. You are all set and all you need to do is wait until the party pops.

Open it if you can!

If you want to frustrate your brother or your sister then try out this simple, elegant yet very effective prank. To start to build it you will need to take a Christmas box. Our team of pranksters took a long plastic table cover and started to build their masterpiece with tape. Tape one side all around till both sides meet. Now take your gift and put it in the middle and go back to taping the plastic table cover. Once you are at the end of your taping journey attach it to the cover of the box. Now relish the moment when your sibling is all frustrated because they cannot reach their gift!

The wet William!

If you want to pull an awesome prank but don't want to spend too much on it then this one's for you. Since you even want to save up a few bucks on your pranks I just know you didn’t buy any gifts, you just got Holiday Cards. Well since you already have the holiday cards, let’s booby-trap them now. All you need is a string, a straw, and an ear plug. Start with making two holes at the bottom edge of the card. Suck some liquid into the straw and jam the ear plug underneath to keep it from spilling out. Now comes the delicate part, carefully tape the straw on the crease of the card and carefully run the string through one and bring it back through the other hole. Keep the card slightly open and gently staple the string to the opposite end of the card. And you are done! Gift this to your victim and once he/she opens the card completely they would end up with wet pants. You can make things spicy and replace the liquid inside with water to something unique.

Dare to eat the cookie!

We are officially venturing into the disgusting territory. And it’s very easy to set up but move forward with it at your own risk. And the prank starts with a box of cookies. Yeah, a prank with a box of cookies on Christmas how brutal of a prank can you pull. But no cookies will be harmed during this prank as you will only need the container for this. So you can store the cookies somewhere else or eat them. But now that you have the container preferably a tin can, spray the inside with the most disgusting you can find. For optimum results go with something that stenches. Put the lid on super tight so the smell cannot escape outside and just wait for the can to be opened. To be honest this might be the cruelest prank on the list.

So which prank would you want to pull this Christmas, comment down below!

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