Publication date November 15, 2023

Warm Your Soul with the Best Soul Food in Chicago’s Must-Visit Restaurants

Soul foods are just wow in their own terms and personally, I love it. We know that these perfectly delicious foods originated in the South and derived from Black culture. You can find the places for these southern foods by searching for good soul food near me on the Internet.

These soul foods come from the heart and soul that were created by the enslaved Black people who prepared delicious, culinary masterpieces out of the scraps they were given to eat at the end of an exhausting and tiring day.

However, soul food in Chicago is generally created by people of diverse backgrounds, races and cultures from the American South. Here, I am going to highlight the top 5 everyone’s all-time favourite Southern and soul food restaurants in Chicago. Let’s get started!

Where to Get Soul & Southern Food Chicago

In order to find the best soul food near you, you have come to the right place. Southern foods are just om nom nom and you will be tempted to demand for more. Let’s understand where to find the best soul food in Chicago in a seamless and easy way.

1. Daley’s Restaurant

If you are in Chicago then you must eat the best soul food at this 131-year-old institution at least once. Even though Daley has moved directly from a street to a big space in 2019, the same friendly faces, that oh-wow welcoming atmosphere and tempting food are the same.

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Chicago that continues to serve the community with great diner-style dishes and soul food classics such as fried catfish meals.

These tempting foods are coated and seasoned with a cornmeal mix, the catfish filets are served with your own choice of salad or soup, one side or two sweet corn muffins and two slices of garlic Texas toast.

2. Chesa’s Bistro and Bar

This is a gluten-free, Southern restaurant in Avondale that serves the comforting foods that tempt us to look forward to Chicago’s 30-degree days.

The menu at Chesa’s Bistro and Bar has short ribs and grits, seafood gumbo with gentle heat (ideal amount), and buttery wagyu sliders on buns that are not gluten-free. 

The space and area at this restaurant and bar are bright and casual, with a few televisions over the bar and a playlist of hip-hop that will make you recall how much you like 2000s Nelly.

3. Soulé

The original Soulé in the West Town had the potential to enhance our moods, vibe and energy even on the darkest and toughest day of winter. 


Source: ChicagoEater

We are so happy to announce that Soulé 2 in their new location in North Lawndale has the same Feel Good Factor™ as it had earlier. 

This is merely because of the upbeat atmosphere and friendly servers but also due to the tastiest and most tempting soul foods such as shrimp and grits, peach cobbler, and fried green tomatoes are just comparable and identical to the actual.

However, the main difference here is that of the space which is much larger and has a full bar. While having a tour or living in Chicago, you must not miss eating the best Southern food Chicago at Soulé.

4. Lloyd’s Upscale Catering

This is a Black-owned, woman-led restaurant, i.e., Lloyd’s Upscale Catering and is considered the best spot for crispy fried chicken and tasty sides.

Lloyd’s Upscale Catering

Source: Yelp

This is a delivery restaurant that operates inside a ghost kitchen in Avondale. Well, apart from this, Lloyd has things such as tender barbecued turkey tips, macaroni, and flavourful fried chicken that is fully loaded with cheese.

All of these foods are flavourful and tempting that you should order immediately. Lloyd Upscale Catering is one of the best options that you can go for when it comes to soul food in Chicago.

5. Luella’s Southern Kitchen

For your understanding, let me tell you that Luella’s Southern Kitchen was named after a chef and owner Darnell Reed’s grandmother Luella. 

This is a black-owned counter-service restaurant in Lincoln Square that serves up masterfully executed soul food or Southern dishes.

You will be able to find salmon croquettes with fried corn maque choux, andouille sausage gravy, biscuits with fried chicken, and barbecued New Orleans-style shrimp and grits in a garlicky and spicy creole sauce.

Well, living in Chicago is incomplete if you don’t visit this restaurant. You must know that Luella’s Southern Kitchen Restaurant is small but relaxed. Not only you can carry out your dishes here but also dine in for a casual meal.

Final Thoughts

If you want to taste the best soul food in Chicago, then make sure to visit any of the above-mentioned soul food restaurants in Chicago. 

When you search for good soul food near me on the Internet, you often get confused about finding the best among them because the Internet will provide you with a lot of options. But how will you find the best among them?

It’s simple, I have mentioned the best 5 soul food restaurants in Chicago that have complete 5-star ratings in the quality of their food that you will surely love. Let’s complete the trip in Chicago by eating the best Southern food Chicago.

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