Publication date May 12, 2023

Was Julia Fox's shots against Met Gala out of jealousy or has she got a point?

Met Gala is over but it doesn't seem like so. Why? Well, mainly because there are still a lot of talks relating to the Met Gala. I mean Jared Leto is roaming around the streets and terrorizing citizens wearing his cat outfit. So, tell me how can someone move on from the Met Gala when this is still happening. And to add to it Julia Fox recently talked about the Met Gala, and by talking I mean she slammed the Met Glam and pointed out a few things.

Julia Fox slams Met Gala

Source: Twitter

Julia Fox had a lot to say and a few accusations against the Met Gala hostess Anna Wintour. After Julia labeled the biggest night fashion ‘stale’, she went on to accuse Anna Wintour of using the star-studded soiree as a display of wealth and ‘privilege’. If you think that was a bold thing to say then hold on. The 33-year-old model and a fashion icon by her own rights slammed Anna Wintour for honoring late designer Karl Lagerfeld in this year’s Met Gala and even asked Anna to step down.

But things got interesting when Julia said she never received an invitation to the annual fashion extravaganza because Anna Wintour was running it. And the latter part was not me exaggerating. Julia Fox said.” to be honest with you, the Met Gala has never spoken to me - I mean look at who is running it”. So, why do you think Julia Fox blasted the fashion soiree and its host? Was she worried the Met Gala is losing its essence or is she just jealous she was never invited?

But Julia did clear the air after her previous statement. Anyone could mistake her previous statement to come out of jealousy so clearing the air she said even if she were to be invited she would never attend the fashion ball? Why would that be after all it is the biggest fashion night of the year. For Julia, it’s about integrity and that is why she will never support an event that is nothing more than a gross display of money and privilege. Or at least that’s what she wants us to think?

If we are being completely honest we cannot just say Julia is saying all of this out of spite. She has a lot of good points that we just cannot overlook. One of the primary concerns Julia has is the lack of diversity in the Met Gala. “There were no trans people of color or even trans people there”, Julia pointed out during her interview with Is this because of the Vogue editrix Anna? Anna Wintour is at the helm of the event and has firmly held the position since 1995. 

No doubt ever since Anna took over the Met Gala from Diana Vreeland she has successfully grown it into a sensational event but for almost 28 years a single person has held the commanding position in the event and that might just not be the ideal thing. This is something I too agree with Julia Met Gala needs a fresh approach and that can be possible with someone new taking over the reins. 

But the question remains over the years has the Met Gala turned into a display of wealth and privilege while fashion took a backseat or is Julia Fox just spiteful because she never got an invitation to the Met Gala. What do you think about the whole ordeal? Comment down below.

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