Publication date August 10, 2022

Were Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Always in a Bad Relationship?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson broke up after being together for nine months, and I’ve put on my Sherlock Holmes thinking cap and did some research about the two partners and discovered that this breakup has always been inevitable.

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The breakup of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson made headlines with TMZ, but I'm more interested in how Davidson always seems to date in the worst way possible.

I know that Davidson, a 28-year-old comedian, is the "it" guy right now. He is very tall, looks good, is funny, and seems nice in interviews. I like him, but I'm also worried about the way he dates. Really, it seems like he gets a tattoo for every woman he dates for more than a month.

For example, he dated Kardashian, 41, for less than a year, and he already has several tattoos of her. It seems less romantic and more like an obsession at this point.

It also says a lot that Davidson acts this way in every relationship. It's like he copies and pastes his over-the-top behavior onto whoever he is sleeping with at the time.

When Davidson got engaged to pop star Ariana Grande in 2018, he became known as the "it" boy. Since then, he has been with a number of well-known women, from Kate Beckinsale to Kaia Gerber, all of whom were in the public eye. Kim Kardashian is the most recent.

There's no getting around the fact that his relationship with Grande was very serious. He gave Grande the necklace that his father, who died in the 9/11 attacks, wore. He got tattoos of her name and last name to honor her, and he joked on Saturday Night Live that he wanted to give her Tic Tacs instead of birth control pills.

Sorry, but it's creepy to joke that you want to get your girlfriend pregnant without her consent. Even if you are tall and hot.

Basically, Davidson plays into the idea that true love is all about big gestures and being obsessed. He made jokes about how the pop star made him "hard" all the time. At the height of their public relationship, Davidson's obvious obsession with Grande was seen as a good example of how not to act.

But these things still happen, right? We've all been a little too intense in a relationship at least once, but Davidson does it all the time.

Even though his relationship with Kardashian is more private, he was caught with a new tattoo of the names of Kardashian's kids. In honor of Kardashian, he also got a tattoo that says "my girl is a lawyer," which is a reference to the fact that she is studying for her bar exam. After only a few months with Kardashian, he got these tattoos.

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I'd say that this is a red flag.

The way Davidson acts reminds me of the bad guys I used to look up to in the 80s and 90s books and movies when I was young. A guy watching you while you sleep? Creepy. Someone building you a house when you're already engaged to someone else? Too much. Someone trying to keep you in his house? Illegal.

I used to think that these fictional men's obsessive actions were the height of romance, but as an adult, I find them less cute and scarier.

But Davidson is like a real-life version of these fictional men. He does big things and says big things, and a lot of young women watch how his relationships play out in public and want that in their own lives. They want a guy who gets a tattoo of their name because they think that means he loves them, but love is much more subtle than that.

The way Davidson acts with his girlfriend isn't cute or “couple goals”. It's unhealthy and bad for him, which is probably why none of his relationships last.

Grand gestures and sweet words aren't enough to make a relationship healthy and last. In reality, it's much simpler things like talking to each other and not stepping on each other's toes.

But the most troubling thing about Davidson's past relationships is that they make a whole new generation of women romanticize bad behavior. Davidson has become this generation's creepy boyfriend and young women need to understand that his gestures aren’t cute but actually troublesome.

In the meantime, here's what Kim K's ex-husband Kanye West did after this breakup news.

West shared a fake New York Times cover that made fun of him on Instagram.

The fake front page says, "Skete Davidson is dead at age 28."

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Oh Kim, here’s me, praying that you finally see your worth and get a boyfriend that is non-toxic!

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