Publication date October 20, 2021

What are the top 5 scary games in 2021?


Halloween is all fun and games until the mask comes off and the true faces are revealed! Dramatic much? Good, that’s the tone we’re setting. Are you a horror lunatic? Is one of your cheap thrills jump scares? Do you save a zombie documentary for the night just to set the scene? If your answer is a howling yes, read on to turn your horror game ON because today we are exploring the 5 scariest games for android and iOS. 

Oh wait, aren’t we missing something? You might want to tag along with a companion because the word is, these games are not for the faint-hearted. So, to rephrase that, let us look at the 5 best multiplayer horror games to play with friends.


This game has a ‘survival of the best’ narrative to it where you play with your friends online and see who meets the fate of a victim and who will survive. Are you the one who’d throw your friend under the bus or take a bullet for him? Play this multiplayer game to find out.

The game takes place against the backdrop of an eerie asylum with a bunch of monsters lurking in the dark corners waiting to pounce on you. A couple of traps areas are set to trigger jump scares, and if you scream, you attract the monster team. 

You can choose your own avatar among seven options: Basketball Player, Doctor, Engineer, Thief, Mercenary, Scientist, Police Officer. Each of these characters has unique special powers pertaining to the profession assigned. If you’re a doctor, you heal yourself, if you’re an engineer, you fix motors and generators and even create survival gear on your own, and if you’re a police officer, you catch the murderer. 

So the next time you wonder what are some best mobile games to play with friends, Horrorfield is your answer.

Slender Man Hide and Seek Multiplayer 3

Slender Man Hide & Seek is another multiplayer game where the protagonists are a group of students who are under the evil grasp of Slender Man. 

You can play with friends and pick a character of your choice. The end game here is to collect Slender Man’s amulet dolls from a chest and destroy it to tarnish his power and gain victory. And Slender Man is the opposing force here whose main goal is to capture all students before they do that. So it’s either smash those damn amulets or DIE!

Slender Man is available on both iOS and Android, however, it is the best horror game on Android mainly.

Dead by Daylight Mobile

This is the game where your friend stabs your back, quite literally. It is a multiplayer game where five friends set out for an adventure and one of them turns out to be the killer. The remaining four need to survive the night by hiding and playing mind-tricks or choose the easier way out, which is you know… get killed! 

You can choose your frenemy killer at the beginning of the game or the randomizer will do the deed for you. It’s a typical hide-and-seek narrative, except if you don’t hide you disappear forever… Dramatic much?

Further, the game area is filled with unexpected twists and turns, creating a spot-on eerie ambience. You will also discover that some of the classic characters in the game are actually from popular horror moves: Amanda Young, Mike Meyers, Ghost Face, etc. The strategic planting of a friend who is out to kill you is the icing on the cake. 

Slendytubbies: Android Edition

Did you grow up watching and adoring Teletubbies? Then, spend your adulthood dreading them by playing Slendytubbies. It’s an outlandish mix of Teletubbies and Slender Man, whoever thought of this concept is messed up in the most awesome way. 

This game is straight out of the bizarro world! Players randomly collect bowls of custard while steering clear of the Teletubbies who are kind of possessed by the Slender Man’s evil wrath. But like I said, this game is bizarre in the most awesome way and will leave you wanting more. You can either choose to play alone or drag your friends into the madness in this multiplayer mobile game.

Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak

The concept here is beaten to death, the unpredictable virus that turns people into zombies is the most predictable plot ever. But if you are indeed into this whole zombie fiasco, you are guaranteed to love this game – thanks to the extraordinary visuals and effects. 

The chaos takes place against the beautiful backdrop of an island. The virus outbreak is a result of a secret operation in the island’s Research Centre going horribly wrong, sounds familiar with something that happened in December 2019? Yep, thought so! 

It’s a shooter game where you get to blow the zombies’ heads off while trying to not get eaten yourself. To make matters worse, the virus spreads rapidly owing to the tropical climate of the island. Damn you humidity!


That is a wrap on the scariest games you should try out this Halloween! Share this with the friends you want to play with. Beware, ghosts and ghouls really come to play, on October’s last day!

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