Publication date October 25, 2023

What are True Friends? 7 Qualities to Look For

Do your friends often bother you, do they put you down every time, or do they ditch you when you need them the most? If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, then you are not acquainted with the actual definition of a true friendship.

It’s genuine that True friends offer you support, enhance your quality of life, elevate your self-confidence, provide unconditional love and honesty, and help you progress your mental health.

But not every person you meet will become your best friend whom you can trust blindly. Approaching new people with a vision of making them your closest friends can cause stress and you will question yourself, “What are true friends.” 

7 Signs of a True Friendship

Well, the actual definition of a true friendship is “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” If a friend has your back and takes a stand for you when others try to hurt you physically or emotionally in order to keep you safe, then she is your best friend.

You must choose the true friend for yourself who is with you and stands by you invariably both when you are present or absent. Let’s understand what qualities you must consider in others when making true and trustworthy friends.

1. They are Good Listeners

Good friends have excellent listening skills which are the most important qualities that a true friend should have. Good listening skills help your friend to understand how you are feeling, keep your secrets and crucial information safe, and validate your emotions.

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Only they can truly know what type of person you are and offer excellent advice if they are actively listening to your issues and problems. If your friend is not providing you with the best advice, it simply means that they didn’t listen to you and are not your true friend.

2. They Live with Integrity

The answer for what are true friends is that a friend with integrity and virtue. They act in alignment with their commitments and values and have strong moral principles that will speak or act when anyone disobeys or violates these principles.

They are self-aware as well and speak and behave in consistent ways. This is because you can depend on them because they live with integrity and what they say they will do.

3. They are Trustworthy

A true friend is honest, speaks from heart and has good intentions towards you. They will advise you on what you need to hear in a caring and obedient manner so that you will not feel hurt.

Because you know that they have good intentions, are vulnerable, and are not insecure or uncertain and weird, you can trust them with all your heart.

4. You Can Rely on Them

There is no room for excuses for anything and if your friend gives you excuses for your work, then she is not your true friend. A true friend respects your work and tries their best to show up and keep their promises.

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This doesn’t mean that they will be reliable in every condition. This friend can be a little late but you can rely on them who can listen to you at both your best and worst times. As a result, dependability is considered their middle name.

5. Loyalty is in Their Blood

Blind loyalty is never good because you can overlook the toxic traits and red flags in a single person and you will be left asking yourself “What are true friends.” True friends are basically loyal to their friends unless these friends are not true to them as well.

A loyal friend stands behind your back through your best and worst times and offers you a helping hand or a listening ear every time. They listen to your side of the story, help you with the pros of the doubt and confusion and defend you every time and everywhere.

6. They have Empathy for Others

‘Empathy’ involves understanding the emotions and experiences of other people and a true friend can do this easily for you. If you are anxious about something, your true friend will provide you with the more influential opinion and support you need.

If they know you really well, then they will sense how you are feeling before communicating this with them and they will provide you with comfort, guidance and support before you even anticipate it from them.

7. They Make You Laugh

Your true friends are non-judgemental and make you laugh at your lowest times. Laughter is the best medicine in life.

Humour reduces stress and brights your mood. It leads to a greater sense of belonging. So, if your friend is making you laugh in your tough time, then they are your great friends as they will bring you mental peace and increase your well-being.


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Well, building meaningful relationships takes effort, time, and work. You need to be honest about how you feel, be vulnerable, and be supportive when other people need you. 

I have tried the above-mentioned steps personally and trust me the struggle is worth it. Now that you know the most important and crucial qualities and signs of a true friendship. Now you don’t need to question “What are true friends” to yourself. 

With these tips, you can find the best people for yourself who can trust and support you in your tough times. Best friends offer meaning and belonging. Now tell me what is more important than getting a true friend who is reliable and trustworthy.

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