Publication date December 29, 2021

What in the Ye is Kim Kardashian doing with Pete Davidson?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are making all the waves in Hollywood for their brewing one of the most mind-boggling romances in 2021. Let’s break down everything we know about these unusual love birds… where do we begin really? Kim’s divorce or Pete’s breadcrumbs of really hot girlfriends? Let’s skip to the good part. 

9th October 2021 – The first kiss!

This one is a pass! Kim Kardashian recently hosted Saturday Night Live and can we just mention how great she was at it? Anyway, so one of the skits was an Aladin and Jasmine Disney sketch. Now I understand Kim playing Jasmine, but Pete as Aladin? I got to reconsider my favorite Disney character after this, can’t unsee it now! 

When the two then friends were up on the magic carpet, they shared a kiss. Of course, it was all part of the play and little did we know it’ll turn into something worth writing an article about, LOL!

1st November 2021 – Kim and Pete papped holding hands on a roller coaster ride

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson holding hands


First magic carpet, and next a roller coaster – just as absurd as the idea of them being together. Kim and Pete were spotted again and this time they weren’t getting paid for it. This outing is what stirred the rumor mill. On what appeared to be a double date with sister Kourtney Kardashian and her fiancé Travis Barker, Kim and Pete went all out at Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, California. This is when netizens started watching their every move with hawk eyes, but some still dismissed it as a friendly outing between two friends.

4th November 2021 – The love birds apparently went on a dinner date

There are no pictures of this event, so no one’s to say if this even happened. Pete arranged a rooftop dinner privately for Kim Kardashian at an Italian eatery Campania’s in New York’s Staten Island.

A source also revealed what Kim likes about Pete, they went on to say she thinks he is exciting and very chill, and they have plans to see each other again while Kim is in New York City. Whatever is brewing between them is exciting to her.

17th November 2021 – The official day!

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian PDA moments

Source: Page Six

Kim is apparently giddy about the comedian and won’t stop talking to her sisters about him. They were spotted out and about with some very casual PDA and it seemed like they’re wanting to be papped at this point. 

18th November 2021 – Kim, Pete, and momager Kris Jenner take an Instagram photo together

Kim and Pete pyjama birthday party

Source: Geo News

While celebrating Pete’s 28th birthday (yes, he’s 28), Kim’s mum and Kim posed with him for an Instagram photo. Yes, as an isolated event, this can be a harmless little platonic photo. But wait for what’s coming next.

23rd November 2021 – Pete and his hickey

Things seemed to heat up rather quickly when Pete stepped out with what appeared to be a hickey on his neck. The pair were spotted outside a famous Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica when the hickey made its appearance. 

17th December 2021 – Kim addresses the rumors coyly

After being asked who her favorite SNL comedian is, in an interview with Bari Weiss is, Kim Kardashian coyly answered “you know who it is, Bari”.  Is this Kim’s way of semi-addressing the rumors? 

19th December 2021 – Christmas Date

Taking another leap in their relationship, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson reportedly will be spending Christmas together, with Kim inviting him to her annual Christmas party. Soon after this, Kim also met Pete’s mum and we all know how big of a deal meeting parents is. Heading to Pete’s hometown of Staten Island in New York, they stopped for a secret cinema date before heading down to meet his mom for the first time.

What do you think of this unusual couple? Are you rooting for them, or do you think it’s a rebound? Well, half the netizens seem to be already obsessed with the pair, and Kim meeting Pete’s mum while Kanye is singing songs for her to get back, is one hot mess but we’re here for it! 

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