Publication date November 14, 2022

What is the mystery behind Britney Spears’s missing husband?

Britney Spears might have found her knight in shining armor in Sam Asghari, or did she? There was a lot of talk in recent times that Britney Spears’s husband was MIA. The couple announced their pregnancy back in April of 2022 and finally tied the knot back in June. But is there trouble in paradise? Lots of speculations are up in the air but Britney Spears has finally shed some light on the matter. Britney Spears took to social media to tell everyone that her husband is back. She shared a video of her husband working out with the caption saying “ Here’s my husband!!! He’s been gone working!!!” She also further explained that his staying away for so long was not actually planned. Initially, Sam Asghari was supposed to be away for a week which turned into a month, but the “Toxic” singer is over the moon as her man is finally back home with her.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

Source: Dlisted

Some might disagree with me but I feel they are a really wholesome couple. I even loved the video Britney shared of her husband. We saw Sam with boxing gloves on and practicing on the bag and Britney was cheering him on from the sidelines. I frankly thought it was really cute. Even Sam later jumped in with a few jokes of his own, “That doesn’t look like Sam. Where Sam? You should break up with him and come with me.”

Sam Asghari has already set a huge standard for being supportive. Sam has been a rock for Britney ahead of her conservatorship hearing back in June 2021. Sam initially kept silent about the matter but after #freeBritney started, he broke his silence and was not afraid to let people know what he thought of this ordeal. He was even seen on Instagram sporting a Free Britney T-shirt. After Britney Spears’s monumental testimony he posted a picture of himself with a big smile.

It is obvious that Sam is very protective of his wife, I mean he jumped when Britney Spears’s ex came forward with some claims. Kevin Federline claimed that their sons Jayden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline refused to see their mother because of the pop star's past censored Instagram pics. Sam was quick to respond to Kevin Federline’s claims. He took to Instagram and put out a story saying his wife has never posted any pictures with explicit nudity. He even further went ahead and criticized Kevin for being irresponsible in making such statements in public.

It does feel like Britney Spears has finally found her prince charming, although it seems like Sam is in love and is very protective of Britney Spears we still cannot overlook some of the red flags. The couple got married back in June and in a few months, he vanished, and that too for a whole month. It did sound weird to me that a weekly work trip got extended to a month-long trip. But then again these are also speculations, I guess the only people who know the entire story are Sam Asghari and Britney Spears. But what do you think of the whole thing? Is something fishy going on? Or has Britney finally met her soulmate? Comment down below.

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