Publication date October 28, 2022

What is the real truth about Netflix's "The Watcher"?

It feels like there is no stopping the streaming giant now! First, it was Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story where Peter Evens was totally killed! Pun intended. And now it is The Watcher, another true-crime story that is going to drop on Netflix. This true horror story first erupted on the scene back in 2018 when New York magazine first reported it but the events took place back in 2010. 

But what does “The Watcher” mean or a better question, who in the heck is “The Watcher”? He, she or it however you refer to “The Watcher” is the figure that haunted a family after they moved into their dream house. But what I am more interested to see is how Ryan Murphy will take the real horrors that have haunted a loving family once and shape it into a fictionalized limited series.

A look-back

It all started when the Broaddus family moved into their dream house at 657 Boulevard. The six-bedroom house in an affluent neighborhood in New Jersey seemed like it deserved the $1.4 million price tag it had. But did it really? Maria and Derek Broaddus with their three kids could barely move in before they started receiving the “letters”. The letters were all from The Watcher because they were all signed. 

The first letter was beyond creepy and it already established that there was a dark history about 657 Boulevard. I would have just taken the hint and gotten out of there but I guess the Broaddus family was more optimistic than me. But what shook me was the letter went beyond creepy to straight-up threatening. The Watcher referred to the Broaddus children as “Youngbloods” brought for The Watcher. Honestly as a parent I would be terrified. 

Sometimes conventional solutions are not enough!

After receiving the first creepy letter Derek and Maria Broaddus did what any sane parent would do, they went to the cops. But the local police didn’t fall head over heels to help them out. The local police even tried to convince the parents to drop the whole thing as there was clearly a mentally challenged perpetrator behind it and there won't be much in legal proceedings against a madman. Only if the cops knew what was actually cooking.

To be fair even the cops had very little evidence to go on. Their house on the Boulevard was in a bustling neighborhood and many people passed by the house any one of them would have gotten information on the Broaddus family and written a threatening letter. The cops had more questions than answers as the Broaddus family was not exactly popular; anybody could be The Watcher. 

Things got worse with the fear of the unknown and Derek finally decided to sell the house. But selling that house was no easy task. Even with a big discount the house just sat on the market and combined with the financial pressure Derek was in he decided to retaliate against his neighborhood. In hindsight that was not a great idea.

“The Watcher” identified?

With all that had happened to the Broaddus family, they never could identify who “The Watcher” was. They eventually rented out the house and later sold it. But with the identity of “The Watcher” still being a mystery, many theories came forward. 

As always some normies thought it was one of the neighbors who was behind the letters but as we all know conspiracy theorists rule the internet. And they came up with the theory that frankly if you ask me isn’t that far-fetched. It was Derek who plotted it all along. The theory does look very attractive to me and frankly, with this theory, Netflix can make a great series but the question remains what did Derek gain from this? Or did their plan not play out the way they wanted it to? 

Even after so many years of the incident “The Watcher” mystery still has more questions than answers. But I am totally riled up to see which way Netflix decides to take it. What do you think actually happened? Who is “The Watcher”? Was it a neighbor or Derek himself? Comment down below.

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