Publication date January 27, 2023

What is the truth behind Miley Cyrus' gold dress in 'Flowers'?

Miley Cyrus really got the internet going with her new hit single ‘Flowers’. And if you have not checked out this track you definitely should check it out. From stuffing the song with easter eggs to replying to Bruno Mars with her lyrics, Miley’s ‘Flowers’ has been a topic of its own. One of the most talked about topics of the song is the wardrobe she rocks in. But she starts it off with a breathtaking gold dress. At the start of the video, you can see Miley Cyrus strutting through a residential street in LA and she decides to bust into a mansion.

Miley Cyrus gold dress

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But for the internet a beautiful dress is not just a beautiful dress, there has to be a deeper meaning. And this time the internet thinks the gold dress was a dig at Jennifer Lawrence. Many fans believe Miley Cyrus could be taking a dig at Jennifer Lawrence who has confessed she kissed Liam Hemsworth. Before you start building things in your head let me tell you they kissed because of the movie franchise The Hunger Games and not because they were having an affair. But this time around the internet is divided, while some think the gold dress was a dig at Jennifer Lawrance and others think it might be a dig at Liam’s current girlfriend Gabriella Brooks.  

The internet has come up with a lot of such theories. So, let us have a look at a few Miley Cyrus theories.

The tale of Hemsworth and the “kissing” Lawrence

Now like I mentioned Jennifer Lawrance and Liam Hemsworth kissed for the film franchise The Hunger Games but an interview has come to light that indicates some questionable stuff. When Andy Cohen asked Jennifer Lawrance if she had kissed Liam when the cameras were not rolling, Jennifer said: “Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s really hot. What would you have done?” Talk about spicing things up in the set. 

Now does this mean Liam Hemsworth has cheated on Miley Cyrus? Could it be? But there is a separate theory that claims Liam has not been unfaithful. The ex-couple did have an on-off relationship for almost a decade and that could mean the kiss came at a time when the couple wasn’t together. Another thing to consider is that Jennifer Lawrence would have never shared the story if it meant indicating adultery. Now comes the interesting part, fans have been sharing a picture of Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrance when they attended the premiere of The Hunger Games, and guess what J-Law was wearing. Yup, a shiny gold dress. 

It could mean Miley has a grudge against Jennifer Lawrence. But Miley refused all the claims of Liam cheating on her. In a tweet, she also mentioned that cheating is not the reason why her marriage ended. So that means she has no grudges against Jennifer Lawrence. I swear these celebrity theories are really getting out of hand. 

The Gabriella Brooks theorem 

The theory about J-Law is not the only one circling the realms of the internet. Fans have been also sharing a picture of Liam attending a premiere with his current girlfriend Gabriella Brooks. The picture was taken last year and in the picture, you can see Gabriella wearing a gold dress.

Fans didn’t stop at Gabriella’s dress, they further went in and dissected Miley’s black suit in the music video. Fans speculated Miley’s black suit could be the same as the one Liam wore to The Avengers premiere. Why is that premier memorable you might think? While appearing for the premier Miley tried to playfully lick Liam and Liam told her to ‘behave’. Jeez, the fans really went all in on this theory. 

But is there a spec of truth or is this theory just the product of the internet blowing things out of proportion? Comment down your thoughts.

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