Publication date November 20, 2023

What You Being a Boy Mom Need to Know

Motherhood is always tough. But being a boy mom is even more difficult because boys are rowdier and overall require more energy. Still, there are some facts about raising boys that we often don’t talk about. 

There are the not-so-pleasant things, like being exposed to a lot of noise, being prepared for injuries, having to see male body parts, and needing to prepare a great deal of food.  

But on the other hand, there are the more pleasant things like having a lot of fun, getting a lot of love, and being the queen of the house.

Being a boy mom you will discover many things while your son is growing up. 

Sometimes, it can be a struggle but there will also be delightful moments that make being a boy mom a truly extraordinary experience.

Here are some things you need to know if you are a new boy mom or want to be prepared in advance, but first let’s quickly look into what exactly is boy mom.

What is a Boy Mom?

In simple words, a boy mom is a mother to one or more boys. The term is usually connected to mothers who have sons. 

But in reality, a boy mom is a mother who has at least one son and understands the unique challenges and rewards of raising boys.  

A mother who may or may not have daughters. If you are a mom to boys and girls, you are both a boy mom as well as a girl mom. 

7 Little-Known Things About Being a Boy Mom 

1. A Boy Mom’s Home is Noisy

Many people think that little girls are noisier because they like to talk and chat a lot. But in reality, a house with little boys can be much lauder. 

Boys often like to wrestle around, bang on pots and pans, and are a lot goofier. Even when they talk normally, their voices are naturally louder compared to girls. 

But after a while, the noise will be unsurprising to you, and it will blend in the background. You won’t get irritated by it and appreciate the fact that a little noise is actually good for healthy growing boys. 

2. A Boy Mom needs to be Prepared for Injuries

Being a boy mom means that you always have to be prepared for injuries and take extra care. Boys are naturally more risk-takers, so you may find your boys skin their knees at least once a week in their summer holidays. 

So be prepared and always have cotton balls, band-aids, and a good wound cleanser on hand. Keep a bag that holds all necessary items such as gum, hair ties, hand sanitizer, chapstick, etc.  Always keep this bag with you whenever you go out for a fun activity or games with your boys. 

3. A Boy Mom’s House is Messy and Needs Durable Items

Well, if you are a boy mom, I’m sure you know how boys are always running around and throwing stuff all over the house. They often try to make swords and guns out of anything pointy. 

You constantly find rocks or Lego heads in random places like inside your dryer or your favorite handbag.

In such scenarios, it is best to put away fragile objects like glass and hide your expensive and elegant decor. And with active little boys around, you should choose more durable and less expensive items.

This will be necessary for your peace of mind that your favorite stuff is secure. At the same time, you will allow your sons more freedom and enjoyment as they grow. 

4. A Boy Mom Needs to Prepare Lots of Food

Since the boys are generally more active, they will eat a lot and will get hungrier more often. Especially in their early development years. 

As a being a boy mom, you can expect a week’s worth of groceries to be finished in less than four days. You will have to prepare more filling food whenever possible. You should also make healthier snacks and train them to eat these as your boys will especially crave junk food. Also, if you have special food that you are keeping on purpose, such as a slice of your favorite chocolate cake, label it so that the boys know it’s off-limits.

5. A Boy Mom’s View About Men Changes

When you are a boy mom, you understand men so much better and in a different way.  This is true, especially if you did not grow up with a brother. After raising your own son, you will be able to get the other sex better.

After a couple of years, you will understand many things that puzzled you about boys when you were growing up yourself. 

It could be anything such as about boy classmates who you found gross, or about old boyfriends who just never met your expectations. This is because, as proven by many studies, boys’ brains are indeed wired differently compared to girls.

6. Being a Boy Mom Can be a Lot of Pressure

As a being a boy mom you will always have some kind of pressure. After getting past diapers and feeding bottles, you’ll have the responsibility of molding and nurturing someone who will become a ‘man’ in the future. 

Your boy will be someone’s boyfriend, husband, and then, father. In short, he will have heavy obligations.

Sooner or later you will need to teach them to be good human, compassionate men who respect others and express their emotions in a healthy way. Your attitude towards your boys as they grow will set the stage for their future relationships.

7. They are Sweet

Mother and son bonding is more special than other connections in many ways. And to make this bond stronger and forever you have to take care of them, especially extra in their early years. 

Mom and son cuddeling

Source: BuzzFeed

And I’m guessing you already know boys are so sweet. Yes, there are lots of weird talks and boogers, but boys can be exceptionally loving too.

You will get bigger hugs than you ever could have imagined.  On those fleeting moments when they do stop moving, they will want to cuddle and hold your hand.

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