Publication date November 15, 2022

Why was working with Mathew Perry a "nightmare" experience for his co-star?

Almost all of us will crack a chuckle when thinking about Mathew Perry, Chandler was absolutely awesome. I still cannot forget the iconic line of Chandler Bing from Friends, “ I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” These lines summed up the character best and Mathew Perry’s impeccable comic timing brought life to Chandler Bing but not everyone has good memories with the Friends actor. Elizabeth Hurley talked about working with Mathew Perry on their 2002 film “Serving Sara”. She said that it was a “nightmare” working with the Friends actor. Now if you don’t know what that was the case then let me tell you. Mathew Perry was filming “Serving Sara” at the peak of his drug addiction. 

Elizabeth Hurley talks about working with Mathew Perry

Source: New York Post

Mathew Perry’s addiction got so bad that they had to stop filming because Mathew had to take a trip to rehab. So filming was stopped for 2 months while Mathew Perry was recovering. But after returning they had to reshoot everything. Not like they did every scene again but Mathew had to “revoice” everything that was already filmed. Perry had to redo it because he was previously slurring when he previously did them. But even after all Elizabeth Hurley had to go through because of Mathew Perry’s addiction, she still doesn’t hold it against him. She mentioned that even though he was having a very hard time, he was still charming. But everyone in the set could see that he was suffering. 

Mathew Perry in his memoir “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing” wrote about his struggle with addiction and also mentioned the time when he was shooting “Serving Sara”. Perry mentions he had double the workload that time because while filming “Serving Sara” he was parallelly shooting “Friends” too. That meant he had to travel constantly and had no time for himself. I guess all of this added on top of him and he spun out. Perry mentions in his book that he was taking almost 55 Vicodin tablets and drinking a quart of vodka per day.

If you read Mathew Perry’s memoir you will understand that he genuinely feels bad for ruining the film and feels like Elizabeth Hurley’s acting career also took a major hit because of “Serving Sara” not doing well. He is not wrong after “Serving Sara” we did not see Elizabeth Hurley in a major role in any big titles. But Elizabeth certainly doesn’t hold it against him. Even though she said working with Mathew Perry was a nightmare, she also said that he was very charming. Elizabeth knew that Perry was going through a rough patch and was struggling at that time. Honestly while watching Friends I never thought my favorite Chandler was fighting his own battles in his personal life.

Did you know about Mathew Perry’s addiction problems before his memoir “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing” came out? Do you think Elizabeth Hurley might have had a good career in Hollywood if “Serving Sara” would have been a success? Comment down below what you think.

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