Publication date September 16, 2022

Wingstop shocked the world by selling 1 million chicken sandwiches in 6 days

Fast food chains beware there’s a new sheriff in town and he has his eyes set on the chicken sandwich market. Who’s that you ask? It’s none other than Wingstop and they are here to turn the chicken sandwich market upside down. Ever since Wingstop announced the arrival of their chicken sandwiches, social media has been buzzing because Wingstop is not “essentially” launching 12 different chicken sandwiches. Wingstop is launching its chicken sandwiches in all of the chain’s 12 wing flavors. Yes, you can have any flavor you want, may it be lemon pepper or mango habanero, or hickory smoked BBQ. 

Wingstop chicken sandwich

Source: Thrillist

Wingstop's push into the chicken sandwich sector is to establish them as flavor experts as stated by Wingstop’s chief revenue and technology officer Stacy Peterson. And it is also obvious putting more food items on the menu will bring new customers and exactly that happened. Wingstop’s chicken sandwich will cost $5.49 with each patty cooked to perfection by order. The juicy chicken patty placed between perfectly toasted buns with crunchy pickles, what more can someone ask for.

Everything was going perfectly for them, especially their social media campaign. Everyone was talking about the Wingstop chicken sandwiches, but I guess things were going a little too well for Wingstop. After launching their most awaited chicken sandwiches Wingstop sold out in only six days. But how did that happen? Were the chicken sandwiches that good? Or was it all marketing? Before answering the question let us agree on one thing if you have a bad product good marketing can’t save you, and if you have a good product with bad marketing then also you are doomed. So you need to have a perfect balance between your product and marketing strategy to succeed.  

Now that being said I must agree Wingstop had one of the great marketing strategies for the launch of their chicken sandwich. Wingstop prepared everyone to break up with their current regular chicken sandwich because they were sure once everyone tastes Wingstop’s chicken sandwiches they will never go back to their “EX” chicken sandwich. I wish I could comment on the taste of the chicken sandwich by Wingstop but unfortunately, I am one of the many who did not get their hands on one. 

The breakup process with the sandwiches was even pushed further by Wingstop by a website called Talk about committing to an idea. Wingstop asked people to write a breakup letter to their current chicken sandwich and post it on the website, and to sweeten the pot further they promised the first 100000 who “make their split official” a free chicken sandwich. 

The crowd loved their marketing approach and Wingstop ended up selling more than 1 million sandwiches in just 6 days. According to some sources that were 4 weeks worth of supplies sold in just 6 days. But being sold out left a lot of disgruntled customers, some of whom wanted to try other flavors and some like me who never got their hands on one. But Wingstop has assured although they are overwhelmed with the love that their chicken sandwiches have received, they are also in talks with their suppliers so they can bring back the Wingstop chicken sandwiches.

Were you lucky enough to get your hands on the Wingstop Chicken sandwich? Comment down below what you think of Wingstop’s viral chicken sandwich and their even more viral marketing campaign.

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