Publication date December 26, 2022

With all her connections, is Dakota Johnson the biggest Nepotism baby?

Hollywood has always loved the sons and daughters of famous celebrities. But the netizens have come up with a new name for them. All their glory has been boiled down to two words: nepotism baby. Hollywood has quite a few nepotism babies but which one of these stars is the biggest nepotism baby? Well, a friend of mine asked me this question to me and the first name that came to me was Dakota Johnson. Well, I didn’t think much while I answered but is Dakota Johnson Hollywood’s biggest nepotism baby?

Dakota Johnson is a nepotism baby

Source: Digital Spy

If we are even considering her on the list of nepotism babies then it’s given she has celebrity parents. Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Both of her parents were renowned actors. Not just her parents, but her maternal grandparents were also actors. Her maternal grandparents were Peter Griffith and Tippi Hedren. Her connection to Hollywood doesn’t end there. She is the niece of Tracy Griffith who is an actress. She is also related to production designer Clay A Griffith.   

Dakota Johnson’s parents were married to each other twice. The first time around Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith got married in 1976 but the marriage did not last long and the couple ended their marriage in the same year. The couple remarried in 1989 and stayed together till 1996. Dakota Johnson was born in 1989 while her father was shooting his film The Hot Spot. One can say Dakota Johnson was born in Hollywood. But that’s not all Dakota Johnson’s ties with Hollywood run a little deeper. After separating from Don Johnson Melanie Griffith was married to Antonio Banderas. From Don Johnson to Antonio Banderas, Dakota Johnson certainly had a star-studded childhood.

Dakota Johnson was no stranger to film sets, premiers, and big personalities thanks to her parents. I guess being around sets and notable personalities gives you the push you need when the time is right. But she did not just hang around sets her entire childhood. Dakota Johnson also spent a considerable amount of time in Woody Creek and Aspen. Talking about being around notable personalities Dakota Johnson was neighbors to Hunter S Thompson. If you do not know who that is then let me give you a bit of background. Hunter S Thompson was an American journalist and author who founded the gonzo journalism movement. Imagine growing up next to personalities like these.

It’s no surprise Dakota Johnson grew interested in modeling and acting from a very young age. Dakota Johnson got the opportunity to take part in a photoshoot for Teen Vogue at the age of 12. Now how many of you can tell you got the chance to do a photoshoot with Teen Vogue at the age of 12? But then again how many of you can say you guys were born into Hollywood? Although Dakota Johnson’s start to her career was very smooth thanks to her deep ties to the industry, she also faced depression and anxiety very early in her life. She was barely 15 when she was dealing with depression and checked into rehab. But she bounced back. Dakota Johnson wanted to start her acting career as a child but her parents intervened and told her to finish her graduation before she went all in with her acting career. Before or after graduation she knew getting the start would be easy as for her it was not the question of “If she will get a start?”, rather it’s “When will she get a chance?” But after she completed high school she wanted to continue in Julliard but she was turned down. I guess having a famous father still doesn’t guarantee certain things. 

But what do you think if Dakota Johnson was not born into Hollywood would she have made it as an actress? Comment down below. 

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