Publication date May 19, 2023

Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian are dating: That's what they want you to think

Where there is a Kardashian there is a rumor. And the most recent rumor is linking Kim Kardashian with the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Bradey. The Buccaneers quarterback decided to retire from the NFL after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were eliminated from the playoffs last season. After his retirement, Tom Brady has been all about his family. He has dedicated most of his time to his three children. From a romantic point of view, there wasn’t much chatter after Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen parted ways. But now it seems like Tom has fallen for none other than the queen of reality tv Kim Kardashian.

Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian

Source: Glamour

But is there any truth to this rumor? It doesn’t seem so. The only factor that can link the both of them together is the fact that both Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian are single. Yes, that’s all it takes nowadays I guess. The rumor was sparked by the social media followers of Brady and Tom. But I wonder how they get to a potential relationship between the two. Well, I guess there are some questions which have no answer and this my friend is one of them. 

But it doesn’t matter to their followers if no link-up or any evidence is backing up the rumor. If they want to be awestruck they will be awestruck and no logic and rational deduction can stop them from doing it. The fans of Kim K and Tom B have so far believed the dating rumor that even tweets have started to surface about the quarterback and the reality tv star. One fan tweeted “ Kim K and Tom Brady are such an American couple (rumored) made in hell what the heck”. Ok, I have to be honest with you, I am still trying to understand what the meaning of the tweet. 

But there is more to this ‘rumor’ than just fans just jumping on the Kardahian-Brady bandwagon. Some fans are not at all behind this new rumored relationship and they did not shy away from letting their thoughts known to everyone. One fan to highlight his disagreement about the matter tweeted out,” There’s no way Tom Brady with Kim K lol. She just seems like not his type at all whatsoever and neither is she too.” 

We either like it or not in the end the decision of getting into a relationship would be theirs. But then again we can try to deduce why this reason would even be started. My guess would be that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are no longer together might be what started the entire rumor but sources suggest that both parents are focused on the well-being of their children since they parted ways. And divorce doesn’t mean Brady has cut his ex-wife out of his life, especially considering they have two beautiful children together. Also, on Mother’s Day, Tom shared a photo of Bridget Moyanhan and Gisele Bundchen on his Instagram. That’s gotta count for something too!

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