Publication date March 16, 2023

From BAFTAs to Oscars, here’s why everyone is buzzing about Ariana DeBose!

Ariana DeBose has a firm grip on the headlines, but why is everyone buzzing about Ariana DeBose. Before diving deep into why everyone is talking about her, let us talk a moment to stop and admire how gorgeous Ariana DeBose looked hitting the not-so-red carpet at the 2013 Academy Awards. But looking absolutely stunning is not the reason why Ariana DeBose has made the headlines. Rather it was something she had done a few weeks ago at the BAFTAs 2023. Ariana DeBose went viral for her hilarious 2023 BAFTAs opening number. 

A few of the lyrics in the song certainly pushed the notoriety the song has achieved today. The BAFTAs opening number featured a few lyrics that went like this,” Angela Bassett did the thing/ Viola Davis my Woman King/ Blancherr Cate you’re a genius/ Jamie Lee you are all of us.” The Internet really doesn’t care about why someone writes or does something. Rather the internet loves to jump to conclusions and this is exactly what happened this time around. It took barely any time for the rap to turn into an online meme. And this was no friendly banter where people just shared the meme and laughed about it. With the meme growing in popularity one of the producers of BAFTAs Nick Bullen had to step in and defend Ariana DeBose. 

While speaking to Variety about the viral performance at the BAFTAs, Nick told Variety that the whole thing was simply unfair. All that happened was the Oscar winner along with a group of dancers sang “We Are Family” and "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves” and also the rap in question was dedicated to the female nominees of the night. Nick Bullen while talking to the publication further clarified, Ariana DeBose mentioned the women in the room to celebrate a great year for women in films. Honestly, I don’t know why one of the producers of the BAFTAs had to step up and explain the situation as the whole thing seems kind of self-explanatory. 

Ariana’s rap quickly garnered a lot of views on Twitter. I mean it’s not a surprise after all Ariana DeBose went viral because of her rap. But her fans noticed something crucial and it seemed like she had deactivated her Twitter account. Although a BAFTAs producer stepped out and clarified that he “absolutely loved” the musical performance by DeBose and even called out the people trolling the Oscar winner saying they were being “incredibly unfair”. But everyone’s threshold of taking criticism differs. Many netizens were critical of DeBose’s performance. While some pointed out that it seemed like Ariana DeBose seemed out of breath and some straight-up called her lyrics to cringe.

Cringe or not people are talking about the BAFTAs and Ariana DeBose. And it would have been even sweeter if Angela Bassett would have won the Oscar. If that would have been the case I would have been one of the people who would have tweeted out “Angela Bassett did the thing”. But still, it’s a great line. Although Ariana DeBose has not given out a full-blown response, she has dropped a low-key response with a comment under one of the memes. But what did you think of Ariana DeBose’s BAFTAs performance? Comment down below.

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