Publication date November 4, 2022

Kim Kardashian’s idea to “pick your insecurity” with SKIMS is a billion dollar idea. Are her followers really that insecure?

I know this is not the swimsuit season but let us gather around to look back to the time when Kim Kardashian launched her swimwear line SKIMS. Kim Kardashian really nailed it with this swimwear line, SKIMS launched various options from full-length sarong skirts to long sleeve swim shirts. And the fans loved it as they thought Kim K’s swimwear line was “super-inclusive”. 

Kim Kardashian pick your insecurity

Source: BuzzFeed News

And if you love something in 2022 you need to tweet about it obviously and the tweets started pouring in. One Twitter user tweeted “I give Kim her props for SKIMS because it’s very inclusive”. While another user showed their appreciation by tweeting “ I gotta give it to Kim K, SKIMS has to be one of the most inclusive brands I’ve seen. It’s mostly true to size from what I’ve tried. And she keeps her plus sizes in stock”. I think you got the gist, SKIMS is “super-inclusive” and everyone loves SKIMS for it.

But the hype train has left the station. Why do you ask? Kim Kardashian finally revealed why she went ahead with so many designs for the swimwear line, and her comments didn’t go too well with the fans. In the episode titled “workaholic” by The Kardashian, she told Khloe Kardashian how she does everything from thinking of the campaigns to getting materials, fabrics, and designing. She went on to say she was inspired by LEGOs when she came up with the SKIMS swimwear line. Her fans can cover up anything they like. But the following didn’t sit well with her fans. Kim Kardashian said, “ everyone, pick your insecurity and figure out how to cover it.”

Fans picked up the comment and it was Twitter time again. But this time the fans were not Appreciating Kim K rather they took to Twitter to call out Kim Kardashian. Tweets after Tweet all about how she is trying to monetize her fan’s insecurities. One user wrote “Hate Kim Kardashian and the way she markets her products as being for hiding your insecurities feels so slimy to be so outright about making money from people’s self-hatred”. But was Kim really trying to make money out of people’s insecurities or it just came out wrong when she said it. If we go to the SKIMS website then it states Kim K is trying to set a new standard with her brand by providing solutions for every type of body. 

The SKIMS website also mentions “Our goal is to consistently innovate on the past and advance our industry for the future.” So is she really in the wrong here? Or are her fans full of insecurities? But one thing is for sure in the day and age of social media the smallest thing can stir up controversy since confronting anyone is very easy thanks to social media. If you ask me I think Kim Kardashian was trying to be “super-inclusive” with her brand but the same was not communicated. So what do you think really happened. Is Kim Kardashian trying to make a buck from people’s insecurities or are people outraged for the sake of being outraged? Comment down below.

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