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Know some lesser known facts about Merilyn Monroe before "Blonde" ruins it for you!

Have you watched “Blonde” on Netflix? No, then let me tell you what the film is about and what to actually accept from the film. “Blonde” explores one of the most iconic figures of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe. The film will take you on a journey of Merilyn Monroe’s life from how she began her career to her downfall to her sudden demise. 

Lesser known facts about Merilyn Monroe

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I know what you must be thinking, “Blonde” is a biopic of Merilyn Monroe. Well,’ you couldn’t have been further from the truth. “Blonde” in reality shows a fictionalized version of the Hollywood icon Merilyn Monroe. The film never claimed it is a biopic of Merilyn Monroe, rather it is a psychological drama that shows the socio-cultural setting that eventually led to the downfall of one of the biggest stars of Hollywood.

But this article is not a work of fiction so if you were disappointed because “Blonde” lacked real facts about Merilyn Monroe then do not worry. Today we have brought to you some lesser-known facts about Merilyn Monroe that you definitely need to know.

Not Merilyn Monroe

Many may not know but Marilyn Monroe is just a stage name and not her real name. The icon’s real name was Norma Jeane Baker. As Time reported the star was talked into changing her real life in the beginning days of her career by a studio executive.

“I’m your father”

Merilyn Monroe thought Clark Gable was her father. No, she did not just wake up one day and start thinking Clark Gable was her father, rather it all began with a picture of a man who her mother dated. The said man had a thin mustache like Clark Gable and ever since she went to see the film China Season starring Jean Harlow and Clark Gable she was convinced Gable was her father.

Lesser known facts about Marilyn Monroe

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“Happy Birthday JFK”

We cannot talk about Merilyn Monroe and not talk about May 19. 1962. That night Marilyn Monroe took the stage in Madison Square Garden to sing “Happy Birthday” to the president and she mesmerized the entire stadium. Adlai Stevenson later described her as wearing just skin and beads, but did you know the star had to be sewn into her iconic beaded gown? The gown is so iconic that even Kim Kardashian wore a similar gown to the 2022 Met Gala decades after Merilyn Monroe dawned it.

The shapeshifter

It is only normal that a star of her stature will be followed everywhere by the paparazzi, or she will be anyways easily recognized in public and will be swarmed by her fans. So she came up with Zelda Zonk. Zelda Zonk is just an alter ego of Merilyn Monroe created by wearing sunglasses and a dark wig. I still can’t believe all it took was a pair of sunglasses and a wig to fool the public.

They are listening

Did you know the late actor’s home was bugged with a government-grade device so others can eavesdrop on her conversations? She literally did not have a personal space but what’s interesting is her home was still bugged on the day of her death. There are also reports that an electronic consultant named Paris Theodore heard a fight between Merilyn Monroe and Robert Kennedy on the day she tragically passed away.  

The law of attraction!

This is one of the things that are out there and we are only left to speculate. In the late 1940s, Shelby Winters was Merilyn Monroe’s roomie and Winters claimed Monroe might have had a fling with “the genius”. So do you think it was Albert Einstein who was once Merilyn Monroe’s lover?

A picture worth $220k

Frank Sinatra was also one of the alleged lovers of Merilyn Monroe and he gave the actress a Maltese terrier puppy. Monroe named the pupper Mafia or Maf for short. Now why would she name a puppy Mafia which was gifted by Frank Sintra, I guess we will never know. But what’s gonna blow your mind is that two Polaroid photographs of Maf were sold for more than $220000 at Christie’s auction house in 1999.

Did you know these facts about Merilyn Monroe or do you know something interesting about the star that we might have missed? Comment down below.

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