Publication date February 9, 2024

85+ Unique & Adorable Baby Girl Names That You'll Absolutely Love

sweet baby girl names

Choosing a name for your little girl is a magical adventure, a chance to bestow a gift that carries meaning, personality, and a touch of pure enchantment. A name is one of the first and most valuable gifts you give your baby. That’s why it should be as unique as she is. 

Forget the overused and ordinary, let’s dive into 85+ unique and utterly adorable baby girl names. Each name holds a unique spark, a melody waiting to dance on your lips and resonate with your heart.

Whether you’re looking for a name infused with strength and grace, a whisper of whimsical charm, or a timeless treasure passed down through generations, this collection of names has something to make you fall in love. So, be prepared to be swept away by a wave of names that are not just unique, but absolutely lovable.

Unique Baby Girl Names and Meanings 

1. Atsuko. In Japanese, Atsuko means "sincere, kind child."

2. Devi. Devi is the Sanskrit word for "goddess" or "divine."

3. Anaisha. This Hindu name is famously believed to mean "special; unique."

4. Navya. Meaning "young" and "praiseworthy," are two qualities your baby girl is sure to embody.

5. Alara. In Turkish mythology, Alara is a girl's name meaning "water fairy.

6. Mireya. We all will agree that your baby girl is a "miracle" and she'll be "admired" as she grows.

7. Neveah. Nevaeh is a girl's name of American origin which means “heaven”.

8. Claret. An English origin name that means "dark red" or "purplish-red."

9. Clarice. From the Latin, Clarice means "bright" or "clear."

10. Eminence. If your baby rules like royalty, give her a name Eminence that means "prominence" and "of high ranking." 

11. Fawn. This unique girl’s name means "Young deer." Sure that's "dear," for your purposes.

12. Marigold. You might pick this name for your little one because it means "golden flower." Marigold also means "resplendent Mary" in a religious context.

13. Wisteria. The name is believed to mean “Wister's flower” and refers to a vine with purple blossoms, which was named after the 18th-century Philadelphia physician Caspar Wistar.

14. Maybelle. Maybelle is best said with a southern accent that means "lovable."

15. Kit. Looking for unique names for girls? Kit, a short and unique name that means "pure" or "follower of Christ”  might be a great option. 

16. Geena. As it sounds this name means "queen." Perfect for your little adorable queen. 

17. Darcy. If you know you're not having a blond, you might give her this name that means "dark-haired."

18. Toni. If you're an admirer of a famous Toni (Morrison, Braxton, Collette, we could go on), you just like the meanings of "priceless one" and "flourishing." Either way, this is an amazing choice.

19. Audre. Pronounced "AH-druh," this English name, Audre means "noble strength."

20. Ursula. A name of Latin origin, that means "little bear."

Cute Baby Girl Names and Meanings

21.  Amelia. A cute girl’s name that means “hardworking” or “brave” and has German origins. 

22.  Aria. Meaning “air” or “melody” in Italian, Aria has gained popularity in English-speaking countries in recent years. 

23.  Ava. This popular and cute girl’s name is of Latin origin, meaning “life” or “bird.” 

24.  Chloe. Meaning “blooming” or “fertility” in Greek, making this name a cute way to celebrate your growing baby girl and their arrival into the world. 

25.  Ella. Ella has multiple origins. It means “fairy maiden” in English and “all” or “completely” in German. 

26.  Emily. Emily is the English form of the Latin name Aemilius, meaning “rival.”

27.  Harper. Of English origin, meaning “harp player,” this cute unisex name has recently become popular among girls. 

28.  Hazel. Hazel is derived from the Old English word hæsel, referring to the hazel tree or the color.

29.  Isla. A Scottish girl’s name means “island.” 

30.  Ivy. In search of cute girl names? Ivy, a cute name for girls, comes from the Old English word fig, referring to the climbing plant. 

31.  Layla. With its adorable sound and beautiful meanings of “night” or “dark beauty” in Arabic, Layla can be a great option for your baby. 

32.  Lily. This timeless name comes from the name of the flower (Lilium in Latin), which is a symbol of purity.

33.  Luna. If you love all things celestial, you’re sure to love this name which simply means “moon.” 

34.  Mia. Of Scandinavian origin, the name became popular in English-speaking countries in the 90s. Mia is a diminutive of Maria, meaning “mine,” “beloved,” or “bitter.” 

35.  Naomi. If you are looking for a cute biblical girl’s name, pick Naomi, meaning “pleasantness” or “my delight.” 

36.  Nora. This short form of Honora or Eleanor is of Irish origin which means “honor” or “light.” 

37.  Olivia. Currently one of the most trendy girls’ names, Olivia comes from the Latin word oliva, meaning “olive tree.” 

38.  Paisley. Paisley is a name of Scottish origin, referring to the intricate textile pattern. It originally comes from the name of a Scottish town and means church. 

39.  Riley. Of Irish origin, from the surname Reilly, the name means “courageous,” or from an Old English surname meaning “rye clearing,” this cute name is adorable for both girls and boys.

40.  Zoe. With the meaning of “life” in Greek, Zoe is a cute name to celebrate the new life you have created.

Sweet Baby Girl Names with Meanings

41.  Alice. Alice is a sweet and classic name for girls of Old German origin, meaning “noble.” 

42.  Aurora. This beautiful name is of Latin origin and means “dawn.” It’s also the name of the Roman goddess of the morning and the natural light appeared in the Earth's sky, the aurora borealis.

43.  Bonnie. If you’re looking for a sweet Scottish girl’s name, Bonnie may be the right choice. It simply means “pretty” or “beautiful.” 

44.  Bao. This cute Chinese girl’s name means “precious,” “honor,” or “bud.” 

45.  Charlotte. A timeless name of French origin, Charlotte means “free person.” 

46.  Claire. An elegant name of French origin, meaning “clear” or “bright.”

47.  Daisy. This cheerful and super sweet girl’s name is of Old English origin and means “day's eye.” 

48.  Dana. A versatile name with various origins. In Hebrew, Dana means “to judge,” and in Old Persian, it means “wise.” 

49.  Eliza. Of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my oath,” this adorable girl’s name is a short form of Elizabeth. 

50.  Emma. A classic and popular German girl’s name which means “universal” or “whole.”

51.  Evelyn. While the meaning of this sweet girl’s name is uncertain, Evelyn is becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

52.  Fay. A cute and whimsical girl’s name of Old English origin, meaning “fairy.” The name is usually associated with magical and enchanting qualities.

53.  Florence. Of Latin origin, Florence means “flourishing” or “prosperous.”  

54.  Isabella. This is a sweet name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pledged to God.” 

55.  Kate. Meaning “pure” or “clear” in Greek, Kate is a short form of Katherine and has been popularized by some well-known figures like British actress Kate Winslet and by Catherine, Princess of Wales.

56.  Lucy. With its beautiful meaning of “light,” this girl’s name is a great choice for a bright little baby girl. 

57.  Madelyn. Madelyn is a variant of Madeleine, meaning “high tower” or “woman from Magdala.”

58.  Maya. A versatile name with various origins, including Sanskrit, where it means “illusion” or “magic,” and Hebrew, meaning “water.” 

59.  Sophia. Of Greek origin, Sophi means “wisdom,” and has been popular among royalty and saints and was also borne by Italian actress, Sophia Loren.

60.  Willow. A sweet and serene girl’s name of Old English origin, meaning “slender” or “graceful.” 

Adorable Baby Girl Names with Meanings 

61.  Ada. Ada is an adorable name for girls and of Old German origin, with the nice meanings of “noble” and “kind.” 

62.  Beatrice. What’s better for the arrival of your new baby girl than the meaning “she who brings happiness”? 

63.  Clara. Clara has the nice meanings of “clear” and “bright” in Latin. 

64.  Delilah. Meaning “delicate,” this adorable baby girl appeared in the biblical story of Samson and Delilah.

65.  Eloise. If you’re looking for a nice girl’s name, you can choose Eloise, a sophisticated moniker of Old French origin, meaning “healthy” or “whole.” 

66.  Imogen. Imogen is a unique and adorable name of English and Gaelic origin, meaning “maiden” or “girl.” 

67.  Iris. A colorful girl’s name of Greek origin, Iris means “rainbow” or “messenger.” 

68.  Juliet. Here’s another nice name with literary roots, Juliet is a beautiful name of Latin, French, and English origins which means “youthful.” 

69.  Rose. This one is timeless and one of the most popular girl names of Old English origin from the name of the popular flower—a symbol of love and beauty. 

70. Arwen. If you’re a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, you may recognize this enchanting name, which means “noble maiden.” 

More Unique Baby Girl Names and Meanings

71. Dilynn. A name of Welsh origin, Dilynn means "The embodiment of mercy."

72. Kincaid. A Scottish surname from the area called Stirlingshire. Kincaid means a battle leader, the perfect choice for your little leader. 

73. Ventura. Of Latin origin, Ventura means "Good fortune."

74. Feliz. Another unique name that means "lucky" or "fortunate."

75. Nalini. Of Indian origin, Nalini means "lotus."

76. Beatrix.  An amazing choice on its own, this name could be shortened to Bea or Trixie, depending on your baby's personality.

77. Mitzi. When looking for feminine girl names, Mitzi of German origin, which means “Star of the sea” can be a perfect choice. 

78. Leanne. This name enjoyed mid-century popularity, but it has become more of a rarity for babies in the last few years.

79. Joya.  Depending on the language of origin, this name either means "joy" “happy” or "jewel."

80. Marlo. If you are drawn to bodies of water, this name might appeal to you since it means "remnants of a lake" or "drop of the sea."

81. Marcy. Comes from the Latin name Marcius,  Marcy has such a friendly-sounding name that you wouldn't know it's related to Mars, the god of war.

81.  Alida. Another feminine name of Germanic and Latin origin which means "noble kin."

82. Bliss. Originating in Britain, Bliss means “joy,” “cheer “ or "Intense happiness."

83. Narin. This unique name means "slender" or "delicate."

84. Adora. As it sounds familiar to adorable, this name means "beloved one."

85. Alandra. If you've got a little world changer on your hands, name her Alandra which means "defender of mankind."

86. Chiara. An Italian name that means "bright" and "luminous," just like your baby's smile.

87. Akeyo. Having a fall baby? Pick this Kenyan name meaning "born during harvest."

88. Rihanna. Might fit perfectly, this name means "great queen" or "divine feminine."

In the Nutshell 

Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl can be a big task. But, with the list of 85+ cute, pretty, and beautiful girl names, you're sure to find inspiration for your bundle of joy. Wait? Which one will you choose for your little one? Let us know in the comments below! 

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