Publication date March 2, 2023

How did Ellen know Paris Hilton's baby name before she even announced it?

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton wanted to keep her baby’s name a secret for a while and then have a grand reveal. I guess baby name reveals have become quite the trend nowadays and If we know one thing about Paris Hilton is that she loves to stay relevant. So this time around it was keeping her baby name secret for a while and then revealing it to everyone creating a buzz. But famous TV host Ellen DeGeneres guessed it first. 

Source: E! News

The 42-year-old hotel heiress welcomed her first child back in January along with her husband Carter Reum. But both of the parents stayed quiet when it came to revealing their baby’s name but finally, Paris Hilton announced her baby’s name on her podcast “This is Paris”. Her son’s name is Phoenix Barron, Hilton Reum. Paris Hilton went in deep as to why she chose the name for her baby boy and read out an excerpt from her upcoming memoir. “It’s a bird that flames out and rises from the ashes to fly again.” She continued saying “I want my son to grow up knowing disaster and triumph go around and come around throughout our lives”. Well, I can’t deny that she has given some serious thought before naming her firstborn.

In the podcast, Paris also dove into some other names she and her husband were considering before finalizing “Phoenix”. She gave all her fans a peek behind the curtain and said how she was considering “Ibiza”, “Aspen” and “Vegas” before settling down on “Phoenix”. All three names were in the running because Paris found “inspiration” in all these places but thank god she went on with Phoenix. Just imagine living your life with the name Ibiza Barron Hilton Reum. But how did Ellen DeGeneres beat her in the race? 

In January 2022 both Paris Hilton and Ellen DeGeneres sat down together for an interview and in the interview, they both were discussing the growing family of the “Stars Is Blind” singer. Ellen was talking about how Paris Hilton wanted a big family and her kids would be named after a country or a city. Paris replied to Ellen’s question saying “ Yes, but I’m not gonna say yet ‘cause someone will steal the name”. But Ellen was on a mission to find out what the names might be and asked some more questions. But you cannot take Paris lightly, she was an iron vault and kept quiet. But out of nowhere, Ellen threw in “Phoenix”. I don’t know how Ellen reached there but after all, she is Ellen DeGenerous. But Paris did not give out much of a reaction, she just chuckled and looked at someone off-screen.

After Paris shared her baby boy’s name Ellen shared a snippet of that episode on her social media accounts and the video ends with an audio clip of Paris announcing the baby’s name. Ellen captioned the video “ I named @ParisHilton’s baby! What do I win?!?! A hotel?!?!” It would be epic if Paris responds to that and gives Ellen a hotel. I know it’s far-fetched but how epic would it be if it actually happened?

Paris also said she and her husband were scared the name would leak to the media outlets so they kept the baby’s name a secret from their family and friends too. They told their inner circle the name after Phoenix turned over a week. Maybe I’m getting the point because I have never been a celebrity but still the name would come out eventually. If you ask me it’s all about staying relevant and getting the most out of every situation. What do you think? Comment down below. 

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