Publication date May 28, 2022

The Dog is a Man: Twitter’s Latest Viral Picture has Shocked the Internet

This dog has taken Twitter by storm, but is it a dog? In fact, it was a man. Twitter user @toco_eevee posted a few pictures that have stumped the internet. @toco_eevee is from Japan and it was his lifelong dream to look like an animal. The man has spent almost 2 million yens which amounts to more than 15 thousand US Dollars to fulfill his dream. He had a collie costume custom-made for himself.

A Japanese Man spends 2 million yens to become a dog

Source: India Ahead

Zeppet was the one to help him with the costume. Zeppet is a professional agency that helped him design the custom-made collie suit in 40 days. Zeppet is a renowned name in Japan. The agency is responsible for providing a large number of sculptures for commercials, movies, and amusement facilities. Other than Zeppet’s notable collie costume, they also design and produce costumes for TVs and movies. Zeppet has also designed costumes for popular mascot characters in Japan.

After Toko’s pictures of him wearing a life-like costume of a dog hit the internet, he spoke with a local news channel news.mynavi. On asking why he chose a collie Toko responded saying he chose the collie because of how realistic it looks when he puts on the costume. Toko loves cute quadrupedal animals. And to get a realistic model Toko chose a long-haired dog. A long-haired dog can easily hide the human figure. And Collie is Toko’s favorite breed of dog so the choice to go ahead with Collie might have been a very easy one.

But like everyone else the interviewer was also curious about whether Toko can move freely in the costume. Upon asking this question Toko confirmed that there are restrictions to his limb movements. The biggest challenge regarding movement is if he moves too much, it will not look like a dog.

Toko also has his own Youtube channel where he posted a video of his unbelievable transformation aside from giving his viewers a sneak peek into his thought process. We can expect more videos from Toko in the future as his audience is pouring in many ideas for videos.

From Jeff Bezos dressed for his crazy disco party to all the memes about the MET Gala. Twitter has seen a lot of viral pictures in 2022. And Toko’s picture is the latest on Twitter’s list of viral images of 2022. But have ever wanted to be an animal or would you consider spending thousands of dollars on a suit that will make you look like an animal. 

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